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Congratulate our Spartan Avengers

I would like to Congratulate our Spartan Avengers on an outstanding achievement in this year's FIRST LEGO League! This past Saturday they participated in the regional’s qualifier.  Out of the fourteen schools in our region, only six were selected to participate. The Spartan Avengers were one of teams selected. Not only were they one of six teams selected they also won 1st place in robot design. “Big Osomo” (the name of) their robot was designed and built by two of our fourth graders Levi Lustigman and Matvey Osokin. Their innovative robot design truly stood out, showcasing exceptional creativity, engineering prowess, and teamwork. The Spartan Avengers’ dedication to excellence has not only earned you recognition but has also inspired others in the spirit of innovation.
The success in programming was driven by Rhett Runzheimer, Matthew Green, Lyon Auerbach, Franco Leyva their LEGO robot reflects the hard work and commitment put into mastering the technical challenges of the competition. Our team's achievements in the robot game in which they came in 2nd, with a high score of 235 is a testament to their problem-solving skills, perseverance, and collaborative efforts.
One of the biggest challenges to the team aside from the work needed to build and create the programming for the robot was the innovation project. The project this season was to create a project using art and technology. Taking this head on the research team consisting of Kori Hill, Daniel Wilson, Nicolas Moraitis, and Charles Arnold went to work designing a new type of water purification device. Unlike other devices this was a book designed from the ground up, not only cleaning the ocean but purifying water. Judges were impressed by how the team conducted themselves during presentations and commended them on their core values.
As they celebrate this well-deserved victory, remembering that their accomplishments extend beyond the playing field. Their participation in FIRST LEGO League has not only honed technical skills but has also fostered teamwork, creativity, and a passion for solving real-world problems.
I write this asking you help congratulate the team and help continue to push them to work hard and stay determined. Keep up the fantastic work and continue to inspire others with their dedication to robotics and innovation.
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