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A World Of Music

From ukuleles and steel drums, to cellos and trumpets, to guitars, keyboards, and more, music at Miami Country Day School literally rocks! From PreK through 12th grade, our Music Program is grounded in solid music pedagogy and emphasizes individuality, artistry and creativity. We offer our students the opportunity to experience and participate in a wide range of both traditional and contemporary groups from string orchestra to vocal, jazz, and rock ensembles.
    • A World Of Music

    • Lower school musician

MCDS Lower School Musicians

Lower School Music engages every student from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade in singing, playing instruments, and movement. Basic elements of music, and an appreciation for the cultures from which it stems are learned as students gain listening and performing skills. Students explore instruments, recorders,   ukuleles, keyboards, African drums, string orchestral instruments, and vocal techniques throughout the music program. Students leave Lower School music equipped with the musical knowledge necessary to join Middle and Upper School Music classes and ensembles.
    • Middle School Performers

MCDS Middle School Performers

In middle school, our students learn to understand the fundamental elements of music theory, technique and performance with classes in string, wind, vocal and percussion. Performances comprise classical groups such as band and orchestra, along with a pop group called “Radio Ensemble.”

We offer extra-curricular opportunities for our students, including competition at district and state festivals where musicians can participate as soloists and/or members of chamber ensembles.

Our students compete annually at the competitive Florida All-State Music Competition and Festival where they can perform in a national music festival with their peers.

MCDS Upper School Music Masters

We strive to hone Upper School students’ skills in music to the point where they are comfortable as performers in large ensembles and in smaller groups.

We study a wide variety of music genres in depth, including classical, jazz, rock, pop and reggae, and encourage students to explore different artists. Our curricular program includes an orchestra, a jazz band, chorus, a pep band and classes in all levels of guitar.

Our Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) is a student-driven ensemble that performs at educational conferences, various outdoor venues and street festivals in communities all over the state of Florida.
    • Upper school music masters

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  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

    The Spartan Contemporary Music Ensemble, 21 Hearts, One Beat, was the first rock band to be invited by audition to perform at the Florida Music Educators Association State Conference.
  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

List of 3 items.

  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

  • 21 Hearts, One Beat

    • Recognitions For MCDS

Recognitions For MCDS Musical Excellence

Our students have seen recognition for their hard work on many occasions. Our Lower School Chorus were grand prize recipients of the national Diet Pepsi “You’ve Got the Right One” Challenge and won the state of Florida for the Oscar Mayer Jingle Competition.

The students in our program have participated in district solo and ensemble strings, vocals and band Music Performance Assessments, as well as All-State Ensembles.

Accomplishments of Musical Spartans

Our students have attended Music programs in the following schools:

  • USC
  • Yale University
  • University of Toronto
  • Nazareth University
  • Emerson
  • New York University
  • University of Miami
  • Berklee College of Music
  • University of Miami
  • Harvard University
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      • Drums

    Our Students have auditioned and performed at the following Community and Summer Programs:

    • Frost School of Music Summer Camp
    • Florida Youth Orchestra
    • Greater Miami Youth Symphony
    • Berklee College of Music Summer Program
    • Mike Block (Silk Road Ensemble) String Camp

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    • Instruments playing

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    Master Classes

    The outstanding professionals who have come in to work with our students include:

    • Preservation Hall Jazz Band
    • Stiletto Brass
    • Princeton Tiger Lilies
    • Yale Out of the Blue- Acapella Group
    • Kasia Bugaj- Florida State University
    • Jacqueline Jove - Violinist
    • Adam Epstein- Broadway Producer
    • Nicholas Richberg- Musical Theater
    • Belinda Stohner- Violinist
      • Master Classes

      • Performances

    Performances Around The Community

    Being a member of the MCDS music programs gives our students the
    chance to perform at first-class venues, some of which include:

    • Perez Art Museum Miami
    • Florida Panthers at the BB & T Center
    • Harlem Globetrotters at University of Miami Wasco Arena
    • Arsht Center
    • Florida All-State Conference Tampa, FL
    • Carnegie Hall
    • Waldo’s Vero Beach
    • Saturday Night Concert Series at Vero Beach
    • Hibiscus Festival at Vero Beach
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