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Diploma Endorsement Programs

Global Citizenship, Arts & Cross-Cultural Impact

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Our upper-school students have the unique opportunity to receive an endorsement in a specific field during their upper-school education.

The students can delve deeply into different cultures, traveling, arts and performance, and leaving a local and global footprint for our future generations.
MCDS is one of only eight schools nationally to be accredited with the prestigious Global Standards Endorsement by the Global Educators Benchmark Group.

"Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Explore your passion outside the classroom

Our diploma endorsement programs are more than extracurrirular activities.
Prepare for your field of choice in college and gain extra points.
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Global Studies Diploma Endorsement (GIEB)

Global Initiatives, Equity and Belonging (GIEB) furthers our school’s mission for global citizenship. It gives students an opportunity to explore the global world, and cultures through five different components:
  • Language development
  • Curricular exploration
  • Service Learning
  • Travel
  • Culminating Project
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    • Arts Diploma Endorsement


Arts Diploma Endorsement

The Arts program is carefully designed for our Visual, Theatrical and Musical Arts students to explore their arts passion. To successfully complete the program, the students need to pass through all five Components:
  • Curriculum
  • Portfolio
  • Service Learning
  • Jury
  • The SHOW

Impact Studio Diploma Endorsement

Leave your mark as an engaged citizen and future leader. Start your journey with MCDS, and complete six program components over the four years:
  • Foundations for Models & Impact
  • Four Impact Studio Electives
  • Two immersive travel experiences
  • A self-directed Learning Experience
  • A Comprehensive 4-year Portfolio
  • The Impact Project
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