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Cultural and Academic Enrichment

GATEway, or Global Access To Education, offers global programming that supports, enhances, and develops our students’ view of the world, its diverse cultures, and its people.  Through academic and cultural immersion programs, we broaden our students’ perspectives of life beyond our borders in order to foster a mutual understanding and appreciation among all individuals, both at home and abroad.  GATEway is first and foremost an academic program.  It differs from other travel programs because it is designed and executed by educators, for the benefit of students. Through hands-on and experiential education, GATEway prepares our students (our “GATEmates”) to be lifelong learners and true global citizens. 
In the Upper School, students have the opportunity to spend 4 weeks living and learning at one of our multiple sites across Europe, may choose to explore different cultures through one of our X-Term travel experiences around the globe, or may spend one week working at an orphanage in Central America.  Upper School students can also use their experiences abroad to earn a Global Studies Diploma Endorsement at graduation.  In Middle School, GATEmates find adventure and cultural immersion in Québec, Panamá, Buenos Aires.  Not to be left out, our littlest GATEmates in Lower School explore the world through the comfort of their own backyard right here in Miami. Whatever our students desire, GATEway is their passport to discovery!  
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The Global Experiences That Start at MCDS

Mission Experiences

Students not only learn about other cultures, but also have opportunities to give back to the world.  We look to improve the quality of life of others, while also learning about ourselves.  Currently, MCDS supports the Hogares Nuevo Paraíso (HNP) home for abandoned children outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. HNP instills in its residents a sense of citizenship and ethics and we are proud to be a part of this noble global mission. 

Academic Experiences

GATEway is first and foremost an academic program. Students in the Upper School can earn academic credit for their time abroad and our Middle School GATEmates participate in a week-long academic and cultural seminar that enhances their onsite exploration. A GATEway experience entails far more than visiting sites and taking pictures. Instead, it is hands-on and experiential program designed and run by our educators to help students experience firsthand the wonders of the world.  

Student Exchange Programs

GATEway offers a multifaceted approach to helping our students interact with their peers from around the world.  From sister school and partner school exchange programs to facilitating individual study abroad experiences, we encourage our students to see the world, interact with their peers and form lifelong friendships all over the globe.  

Diploma Program

The Upper School offers a pathway to earning a GATEway Global Studies Diploma Endorsement which prepares our graduates to be culturally competent global citizens. To be a part of this prestigious program, students complete five components on world language, travel, community service, curriculum and global project.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

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Register for Life-Changing Exploration

Our variety of courses and experiences within GATEway allow students and even parents to discover different cultures and perspectives and to embrace a global community. Sign up for a language course, exchange program or cultural activity.
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GLEN TURF Chief Officer for Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging
“The fall of my junior year, I was fortunate to live in Madrid, Spain with my study group from Colgate University. I grew up near New York City, but I was always raised to fear "The Big Apple". While at Colgate, I lived in the shelter of a small town with one stop light in central New York state. When I arrived in Madrid with only the address of my host family’s house, I was forced to do things I had never done before – like use Spanish in a native-speaking environment, hail a cab, use an apartment intercom system, and figure out how to plug my Walkman charger in an outlet that did not look like the ones back home. And that was day one! When I think about what we can do for our students now to prepare them to be global citizens in the future, I am rooted in my own experiences of being a fish out of water. ”
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