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MCDS Board of Trustees

MCDS Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the guardians of Miami Country Day School’s mission to educate the whole child and inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual potentials by valuing every student every day.​
The Board meets five times a year to review and approve strategic proposals that are relevant and vital to our school community, as well as to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission. ​
At the Annual Board Meeting, the Committee on Trustees proposes and prepares qualified candidates for election. ​
The elected members serve our institution for three years. Each member may serve up to two terms, however, a unanimous decision of the Executive Committee would allow the member to serve additional terms.
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Meet the MCDS Board of Trustees

Officers of the Board

The officers of the board occupy the leadership positions that guide the board activities and decisions.

James W. Moore ’65

Chairman of the Board

Matthew Lazenby


Christopher Bellows

Past President

Claudia Brod

Vice President

Sean Clancy


Adam Malamed

Assistant Secretary

Kevin King '95


Board Members

The remaining trustees outside of the officers make up the members of the board that help guard the MCDS mission.

Matthew Storm
Lindsey Boyd
Michael Allen, Ph.D.
Janice Barefoot
James Bergman
Gerald Moore ‘68
Jared Lustbader
Dan Standen
Robert Finvarb
Karleen Halliwell
Gigi Jeffries
Anna Schneur
Adam Malamed
Sebastian Malo
Nick Woodhouse

Ex-Officio Members

These individuals are not counted for purposes of a quorum and not entitled to vote, including the President, President of P.A. and President Alumni Board.

Mariandl Hufford

President and Head of School

John Salt ‘08

President Alumni Association

Nakia Bowling

President Parents’ Association

Trustee Emeritus

Our trustees that have left a legacy behind for what they have given to the school are acknowledged for their role

Barbara North Burton
John F. “Bud” Farrey
Lawrence M. Stanfill
J. Michael Garner
Javier Holtz
Osmond C. Howe, Jr.
Howard Premer
Terry Jove
Mark Piper
Anne Paulk

Lifetime Emeritus

Our trustees that have left a legacy behind for what they have given to the school are acknowledged for their role when they are no longer with us.

Richard S. Banick†
Edwin B. Cole†
Stanley F. Whitman†
Michael J. Franco†
Elizabeth Hach†

† Deceased


The standing committees of the Board of Trustees

The Executive Committee is comprised of the incumbent officers and elected trustees, this committee may exercise all powers of the Board during intervals between meetings.
The Trustee Governance & Nomination Committee is responsible for identifying and cultivating potential new trustees for upcoming roles within the Board. Agile Team reporting to this committee is Diversity, Equity, and Belonging (DEB).
The Financial Oversight & Risk Assessment Committee is responsible for developing and recommending the policies and procedures for the financial soundness of our institution. Agile Teams reporting to this committee are Budget & Tuition, Investment & Risk Mitigation, Audit.
The Audit Committee, in collaboration with the auditor, establishes the scope of the audit, reviews recommendations and recommends the approval of the annual audit to the Board​.
The Future Vision Committee is responsible for identifying causes that speak to our values and developing and presenting fundraising plans to the Board, as well as overseeing the progress of the approved fundraising campaigns. Agile Team reporting to this committee is Strategy & Data.
The Property & Physical Plant Committee oversees and reports the state of MCDS properties to the Board to ensure the safety of our students, as well provides recommendations for improvement of our facilities. Agile Team reporting to this committee is Acquisitions & Dispositions.
The Head of School Support & Evaluation Committee is responsible for forming the basis of an evaluation of the President and Head of School and instituting a support structure to enable the School Head to achieve her/his objectives and professional development​.
The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee on the Board of Trustees is charged with guiding and supporting DEI efforts at MCDS. The committee will do so in collaboration with the School's leadership and other members of the school community.

The Trustee Commitment​

Reflections from Newly Elected Trustees ​

Mike Allen, PhD

“I’m delighted and honored to have been selected to join the MCDS Board of Trustees. The entire MCDS community provides a shining example of holistic educational excellence and civic engagement, and I look forward to working with the other trustees and supporting the work of the outstanding leadership team and faculty.”

Janice Barefoot

“It’s an honor to be serving on the board of trustees.   I look forward to working with my peers and especially Mariandl and other senior school leaders.  I believe we are appointed to uphold and further instill MCD’s core values across our community.”

Crystal Connor

“I look forward to supporting our shared mission to prepare students for courageous and compassionate leadership in a culturally rich world and celebrating the diversity of MCDS’ students and families.”

MCDS Officers of the Board Share Their Experience

“It is my honor to lead and serve Miami Country Day School where the human potential behind the student is nurtured and celebrated along with the academic potential by a world class team of immensely talented teachers each and every day.”
Matthew Whitman Lazenby, President of the Board
“I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board at MCDS and it comes with a great responsibility. It is our duty to continue to raise up our level of academic excellence and create an environment where we can graduate young leaders who will go out and transform our world for the better.”
Sean Clancy
“I am personally honored and proud to be a part of the leadership that supports the Country Day community by empowering young people with a strong education, one founded in the values that are engrained in the school’s mission and have served so many children well over the past 82 years.”
James W. Moore ’65, Chairman of the Board
Mariandl Hufford 
President & Head of School
“It is an extraordinary honor to serve the Miami Country Day School community, and to do so alongside a Board of Trustees made up of individuals who are passionately committed to its mission and core values, to seeing the School grow and thrive, and to supporting me and the entire leadership team at Country Day in our efforts to create an excellent educational environment within strong and healthy relationships for each student.”
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