Middle School Life

Middle School is a time when kids start to develop a sense of independence, become aware of their own identity, and become eager to explore the world around them. With the development of the early adolescent in mind, the Middle School program is designed to help students make connections between schoolwork and the outside world. Students are encouraged to test their wings by trying out an elective that they didn’t think they would like, join an athletic team, learn to play a musical instrument, build a robot out of a bunch of electronic components, or become part of a theatrical production.

The academic program is challenging, focusing on critical thinking skills and the application of content. Each student is assigned to an advisor who oversees his/her academic and social-emotional progress. A teacher of Middle School age children has to be an expert in his/her field, a great listener, a world-class motivator, creative, engaging, intuitive, and above all empathetic to the needs of young adolescents. With this in mind, it takes a very special person to teach 11-14 year-olds. The Middle School teachers at Miami Country Day School are indeed very special people who love working with Middle School kids.

The Miami Country Day Middle School is a vibrant place where energy abounds. That energy makes it an exciting place for children and adults, but perhaps most importantly you will find happy kids and adults at our Middle School.

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  • Advisory

    Each student has an adult advisor who is assigned at the beginning of the school year.  Advisory offers each student a supportive relationship with a caring adult and the opportunity to voice concerns about issues that are important to his or her personal and academic life.  The student's advisor is the primary communication link between the home and the school.
  • Life Skills

    Miami Country Day School understands the importance of the Middle School years in the development of a strong character and whole person.  All students in Middle School meet for Life Skills led by the guidance counselor to aid students in developing a healthy approach to life.  There are discussions about life skills such as conflict resolution, decision making, understanding oneself and others, identifying goals and values, substance abuse, and human sexuality.  Students have the opportunity to practice coping skills and problem solving skills.  The guidance counselor also offers specific techniques for promoting self-esteem and respect for others.
  • Service Learning

    Middle School students fulfill community service hours each year.  At the completion of the service, students write a reflection on the experience.  Students leave the Middle School as mature adolescents fully prepared for the academic rigor of the Upper School's college preparatory program, and with a sense of social responsibility and a curious young mind full of opportunities to pursue.
Miami Country Day School is a college preparatory learning community committed to educating the whole child. Through the core values of honor, respect, wisdom and compassion, we prepare students to be lifelong learners. We inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual potentials by valuing every student every day.

Every Student. Every Day.

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