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Our auxiliary programs offer learning opportunities and fun beyond the classroom that appeal to various interests, accessible to anyone in and outside the school
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Our auxiliary programs are comprised of after school clubs, aquatics, summer programs and our Student Success Network. We offer options for children with various interests which run over the course the year and camps that take place throughout the summer.​
The components that make up our auxiliary programs unite to help shape the whole child; we let each student find their passions by exposing them to different ideas.​
We strive to help our community continue to learn, be creative, explore and dive into something new. ​​
Our auxiliary programs are all available to Miami Country Day School students. We enthusiastically open up our campus and facilities to the public for our Summer Camp and Community Clubs.
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Jacquline Niang
Director of Auxiliary Programs
“I have a passion for creativity, meeting new people and community. These are all things that inspire me, and I get to live these out daily in my work. To me, Miami Country Day school stands for community, and when people work together for a great cause, in this case to support the work of educating students, it is something I love being a part of.”

Summer Camp​

Miami Country Day School recognizes how summertime provides a chance to build on the important lessons of the school year in a fun, relaxed environment. Children in or outside of Miami Country Day School can take part in various camps along the Biscayne Canal in the community of Miami Shores. Camps explore interests like arts, math, sports and much more.
Now, 82 years after the school’s founding and 94 years since the start of Camp Cloudmont, our summer opportunities include coed sports, specialty camps, travel programs, academic courses and, of course, our ever-popular Day Camp. Our founders knew that learning does not end with the academic year.
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After School Clubs

Our after school clubs are designed for Lower School students to participate in an organized after school activity​ from 3:15p.m. to 4:15p.m. Monday-Friday. ​​
These clubs alleviate the need for our parents to carpool to off-campus after school activities. Each club is taught by a professional and is geared toward enhancing your child’s overall school experience.
Why sign your Spartan up?
  • Each club taught by a professional
  • All clubs are educational in some form
  • Convenient for parents who can’t pick their children up right away 
  • Clubs enhance the school experience
  • Fun activity at the end of the day
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    • Auxiliary Program> Brochure White Block

We encourage interested parents to read our brochure to answer questions include how to register, program policies and more.

Student Success Network

Our student success network facilitates the whole child development by offering a broad range of tutoring services. It is designed to enhance opportunities for students to achieve success. ​
The network employs highly specialized tutors who possess the magic required to transform complex concepts into relatable ideas using creative explanations.

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    • Hear from the Network


      "The tutoring that MCDS offers is incredible. The staff, specifically Valerie, enabled me to reach for the stars and get the score I wanted, despite my constant frustration. She pushed me to be my very best and push outside of my comfort zone. Not only was she my tutor, but she was way more than that- she is now one of my best friends who I look to for advice on anything. She got me into the college I wanted to, when even at times I thought I would never make it to where I am today and I definitely have that to thank Valerie for."

      Danielle Amoils, class of 2018

The Impact of the Program
  • SSN Test Prep students see an average score increase of 30% on SAT and ACT exams.
  • Our ESL students score in the top 15% on TOEFL. 
  • More than half our participants see us regularly to maintain their high GPA's in rigorous academic classes, including honors and AP. 
    • The Impact of the Program

We encourage you to take a look at our brochure to find out important information regarding times and days of the week, pricing, subject offerings from music to test prep (and more!) and registration information.

Community Clubs

Our community clubs are available for all ages, from babies all the way up to adults. Participants can be members of the Miami community who are MCDS students or not. These opportunities allow not only our Spartans but the neighbourhood to experience our campus and facilities.
Our clubs include: 


  • It is a premiere, year-round, competitive swim club in Miami Shores
  • Our swimmers are than just a team, they are a family
  • Through training and guidance, swimmers gain lifelong skills in a fun and safe environment

Spring Break Camp

  • This is an exciting week-long camp offered during Spring Break
  • It introduces our community to a “mini version” of what summer camp would be like
  • Activities include sports as well as exercises that build teamwork and leadership
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MCDS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by Federal, State, or local laws.
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