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What is GIEB?

In an effort to support Miami Country Day School’s mission of creating Global Citizens, the Office of Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging fosters cultural understanding and meaningful dialog on topics that affect us all.
MCDS is one of only seven schools nationally to be accredited with the prestigious Global Standards Endorsement by the Global Educators Benchmark Group .
After having undergone a lengthy and in-depth analysis of its global education program including curriculum, risk management, leadership, mission, and vision, the school was awarded with this honor in the spring of 2021. This accreditation sets Miami Country Day School apart from its peers in the field of global education and demonstrates the commitment we have toward helping our students to become global citizens, as well as to ensuring access and equity to a variety of globally-minded programs.
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The Portrait of a Global Citizen

List of 4 items.

  • Accepts that their actions have an impact on the interconnected global community

  • Independent, yet able to work cooperatively

  • Open-minded and appreciative of cultural diversity

  • Understands they have a responsibility to the planet and its people

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The Portrait of a Global Citizen

List of 6 items.

  • Sees privilege as a gift, and uses it to benefit others

  • Strives to embrace cultural norms by demonstrating resilience through discomfort

  • Understand their role and responsibility in the world

  • Skilled in conflict resolution and problem-solving skills

  • Empathetic of and compassionate toward others

  • Appreciative of “the other”

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The Spartan Pledge Unites Us

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Diversity at MCDS

We are an inclusive educational community that fosters an understanding of and respect for individual differences and we advance the development of healthy, empowered young adults who celebrate the local and global community.
Our mission is to empower every student to learn with vigor, explore with purpose, strive for excellence, and serve with honor, respect, and compassion as global citizens.
As such, we commit to the pursuit of equity and the development of empathy that embodies our core values, as we instill that value of lifelong learning among students.

Global Initiatives

List of 5 items.

  • GATEway

    GATEway is first and foremost an academic program. Students in the Upper School can earn academic credit for their time abroad and our Middle School GATEmates participate in a week-long academic and cultural seminar that enhances their onsite exploration.
    Explore the world
  • X-Term

    X-Term allows Upper School students to explore passions not typically found in the traditional curriculum. Various opportunities are possible on campus, in Miami and at other domestic and international locations.
  • Student Exchange Programs

    GATEway offers a multifaceted approach to helping our students interact with their peers from around the world. From sister school and partner school exchange programs to facilitating individual study abroad experiences, we encourage our students form lifelong friendships all over the globe.
  • Mission Experiences

    Students learn about other cultures, and have opportunities to give back to the world. We look to improve the quality of life of others, while also learning about ourselves. Currently, MCDS supports the Hogares Nuevo Paraíso (HNP) home for abandoned children outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  • Global Studies Diploma Endorsement

    Global citizenship is an essential part of lifelong learning, so the Upper School offers a pathway to earning a Global Studies Diploma Endorsement. Following this program prepares our graduates to be culturally competent global citizens.

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Register for Life-Changing Exploration

Our variety of courses and experiences within GATEway allow students and even parents to discover different cultures and perspectives and to embrace a global community. Sign up for a language course, exchange program or cultural activity.
GLEN TURF Chief Officer for Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging
“The fall of my junior year, I was fortunate to live in Madrid, Spain with my study group from Colgate University. I grew up near New York City, but I was always raised to fear "The Big Apple". While at Colgate, I lived in the shelter of a small town with one stop light in central New York state. When I arrived in Madrid with only the address of my host family’s house, I was forced to do things I had never done before – like use Spanish in a native-speaking environment, hail a cab, use an apartment intercom system, and figure out how to plug my Walkman charger in an outlet that did not look like the ones back home. And that was day one! When I think about what we can do for our students now to prepare them to be global citizens in the future, I am rooted in my own experiences of being a fish out of water. ”
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MCDS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by Federal, State, or local laws.
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