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The World Peace Games

Fourth grade participated in the annual World Peace Games
The World Peace Game is about expanding your mind to new ideas, perspectives, and points of view”- current MCDS 4th grader
John Hunter, creator and facilitator, visited our campus for the Annual World Peace Games. He was joined by educators from around the world who are taking the World Peace Game Master Class to become certified as World Peace Game Facilitators. The visiting teachers observed our students as they progressed through this transformational experience to complete the simulation.
To ‘win the game’, our students took on the roles of presidents, diplomats, commanders, and tribal leaders. They utilized critical and creative thinking to resolve global crises to achieve world peace. Students had different takeaways about what made a good negotiator:
“A good negotiator is someone who tries to find a lower price for something they need.”
“A good negotiator is someone whose mindset is not easily changed”
“One characteristic of a good negotiator is to not give up”
“A good negotiator looks at both sides of a story”
“A good negotiator can stay focused and think outside of the box”
“Seeing another person’s point of view is the best way to solve problems with opposing views”
The event, as a whole, is a unique opportunity for our children as they continue to develop essential relationships, problem-solving and thinking skills, which are necessary for future leaders of our world. Struggling through the problems as individuals and as team members, our students developed confidence in themselves and their peers.
“At first I didn’t want to play the game because I thought it would be hard, but by the end, I didn’t want to leave.”
This newfound confidence builds our students into strong members of society and our community.
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