COEP Traditions

Insiders secrete on a COEP tradition.
COEP’s camp name tradition started after a few camping treks were completed when the program first began in 2001. Trekkers around the campfire wanted to have “nicknames” and “trail names” when on COEP treks instead of using their real ones. They decided that earning a camp name by going on several weekend treks and/or summer treks was the only way for the adults, who already had a camp name, to really have an understanding of each individual child’s personality. Therefore, giving them a “camp name” that best suited each trekker. The founder of COEP went by Bear and he named every student that earned a camp name by joining several treks and/or summer treks.
Here at MCDS, Lower and Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a COEP program. COEP which stands for Comprehensive Outdoor Education Program, is a chance for students to have hands learning outside of the classroom.
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