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Affinity Groups

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  • Asian Student Association

    Asian Student Association (ASA)

    The Asian Student Association  promotes diversity in our community by facilitating the understanding and acceptance of all Asian students. ASA creates a welcoming environment open to allies and members by providing a social and academic network for the Asian/Asian American community. ASA stimulates discussion, builds friendships, and spreads awareness.
  • International New Student Network (INSN):

    The International Student Network fosters a supportive environment for incoming international students while providing peer support. The ISN is dedicated to exposing the Miami Country Day School community to cultures by promoting inclusivity and understanding. Students learn from each other's cultures while fostering friendships that honor their individual countries' heritages with respect to tradition, education, and democracy.
  • Muslim Student Union (MSU):

    The Muslim Student Union (MSU) provides a supportive and inclusive environment for Muslims and those interested in learning about the religion of Islam. The MSU addresses, supports, and brings awareness to issues and highlights concerning the Muslim community both on and off-campus. Through monthly meetings, educational discussions, guest speakers, informative videos, and ongoing news regarding Muslim communities internationally, this affinity group connects both Muslims and non-Muslims at Miami Country Day School with different aspects of the Islamic religion, including Muslim holidays, practices, cultures, history, cuisine, current events, and more.  
  • Christian Student Union (CSU)

    Christian Student Union (CSU)

    CSU supports the Christian community within Miami Country Day School. Through events and outreach, CSU aims to build a community where all Christians feel they are part of the larger body of Christ. CSU doesn't detract from others' religious beliefs but only helps support each other's faith.
  • GSA

    Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    Through education, support, social action, and advocacy, Miami Country Day School's Gender and Sexuality Alliance creates a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. GSA believes that the school can only serve "every student, every day" when all students are assured access to an education without fear of harassment or violence.
  • Young People of Distinction

    Young People of Distinction (YPOD)

    YPOD fosters friendships and develops minds. YPOD celebrates and encourages young Black men and Black women to accomplish their dream one step at a time.
  • PLAN


    PLAN creates awareness and appreciation of the Pan-Latin cultures, provides a forum for shared experiences, and works with the greater community in promoting change through service, unity, and understanding about the Pan-Latin cultures and people. 
  • Black Student Union

    Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union at Miami Country Day School strives to create a safe space where Black students can speak their truth and feel validated by each other and their allies on campus. BSU creates dialogues for Black students to freely share their individual, nuanced experiences as minorities without judgment. Its mission is to ensure that Black students are seen as valued members of the MCDS community.
  • Girl Up/FIRE

    Girl Up/FIRE

    Girl Up/FIRE has been active at MCDS for almost 20 years - a testament to its members' dedication and hard work. Girl Up/FIRE is committed to advocating political, economic, and social equality for women and raising awareness about the injustices women and girls face worldwide. The group holds campaigns on campus and in the community, as well as fundraisers for numerous causes.
  • Jewish Student Union

    Jewish Student Union

    The Jewish Student Union serves a broad spectrum of Jewish teens from all different backgrounds and affiliations. Jewish students meet other Jewish teens while learning about their heritage. During meetings, teens strengthen their Jewish identity and connection to Israel while learning about Jewish opportunities in their communities and future college campuses.
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