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  • November

    Upper School Thespians

    We are so proud of our Upper School Thespians who competed virtually this season with awesome results in the SE Regional Florida Thespian Conference! You might even say their results were SUPERIOR!
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  • October

    Community Time Event: Gender and Sexuality Alliance

    The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Student Leaders and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion are partnering with Safe School Miami to offer two Discussion Forums on Wednesday, October 28th.

    Gender and Sexuality Alliance dialogues not only educate but bring LGBTQ youth and their allies together to build positive self-perception, to empower self-care, leadership, and advocacy skills. Youth speakers and panelists are an integral and compelling part of this Safe Schools dialogue, giving dimension, breadth, and depth to the youth statistics that only hint at the struggle LGBTQ youth endure.
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  • Social Justice X-Term Session

    The Social Justice X-Term Series, launched by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, CAUSE students, and Peer Counselors introduces a series of monthly dialogues focused on self-reflecting, forming allies, and building community.
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  • Virtual Interactive Financial Aid Program

    We are partnering with Lynn University’s admission and financial aid offices to conduct a virtual interactive financial aid program for parents on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. 

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  • MCDS Senior gives back to the community!

    Josh Finvarb '21 has been recognized for giving back to the community by starting up two non-profit organizations. 
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  • The Spartacus reports on mask misuse

    "New norms have been implemented at school to cope with the ongoing pandemic. We are now learning in socially distanced classrooms, running to and from classes due to the lack of passing periods, hand sanitizers are in every classroom and hallway, plastic dividers are present on desks and most importantly, we are obligated to wear a mask every day, except when we are eating. "
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  • September

    The Spartacus reports on Miami Heat Game Day!

    Wake up Miami! It's game day! Middle and Upper School weigh in! 
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  • On Campus During Hybrid: What You Need to Know

    The Spartacus staff is committed to keeping you informed about the procedures, protocols, and administrative decisions that you need to know to make your own decisions about how to stay healthy and safe as we enter new territory in the way we need to manage ourselves in and out of the classroom. We will continue to add your questions and the answers as we get them and will continue to publish them every Monday. Stay tuned!
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  • Social Innovators Program

    The Social Innovators Program allows students to learn about entrepreneurship and
    experience it first-hand while earning a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship.
    During the twelve-week program, students learn how to launch ventures of their
    own that create value and a positive impact on society.
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  • Welcome Open House

    Join us Thursday, September 3 for a Virtual Open House! 
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  • August

    Fall 2020 FAQs

    These times bring immense challenges, and those challenges are unique for each student, family, faculty member, school, community, and region. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy that works for every scenario in every location. Learning will be different. Campus will be different. There will be disruption. MCDS may need to close unexpectedly depending on local conditions and ordinances. No one knows with certainty what the fall will bring in terms of this pandemic.
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  • Upper School Fall 2020 Informational Webinar

    As the school year quickly approaches, and the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve throughout the state of Florida and right here in Miami, we wanted to share the MCDS plan to approach our return to school this fall. 
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  • Celebrating one of our own!

    An update from April 30, 2020 about celebrating one of our own! 
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  • Did You Know?

    An update from April 23, 2020
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  • Field Trips and Special Guest

    An update from May 8, 2020 on Field Trips and Special Guest! 
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  • In Their Own Words

    An update from May 15, 2020 from Upper School students
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  • National Essay Contest Winner

    An update from May 15,2020 on the National Essay Contest Winner
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  • National Honor Society

    An update from May 8, 2020 about the National Honor Society! 
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  • Recent Awards

    An update from May 29, 2020 on the recent awards
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  • Sculpture

    An update from May 15, 2020 about the Senior Sculpture! 
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  • The Spartacus

    An update from April 30, 2020 about the Spartacus! 
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  • Virtual CME!

    An update from April 30, 2020 about Virtual CME!
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  • Andrew Weaver's Gold Key-Winning Poem, Spring Fleet

    Andrew's poem was written in response to a lesson on Voice and Identity in Poetry that was given by faculty member Ms. Kyra Spence as part of Ms. Kristina Martinez's American Literature class. After reading the opening of Whitman's "Song of Myself," Hughes's "I, too, Sing America," and Rich's "What Kind of Times are These?," students responded to a prompt asking them to "employ Whitman's and Hughes's strategies of 'singing' and asserting identity to write a poem about your relationship to America." As Andrew wrote in his artist's statement about "Spring Fleet," his response reflects his "hope that future generations will also continue to be changemakers and fight for justice" in creating "a better future for his beloved country."

    Spring Fleet
    My adolescent yawp
    rumbles deep in the old heart
    of this harbour.
    I sail my spring ship,
    formed of the soil
    and blood of this coast,
    this shore of my brothers,
    of their blood my blood.
    This promised vessel,
    guided by the eastern breeze.
    I am told to lower my sails
    my course is unknown, idealistic.
    I can not enter the harbour,
    with such a melody.
    I am told none can change
    the ancient tides
    that growl like a fatal undertow,
    constrain the ship’s ties,
    that drive us into narrow straits,
    dash our vessels against the rocks,
    and drown our songs into   
    the murky depths.
    But I reach head on into
    the stubborn maelstrom,
    blown by the breeze
    of conviction and hope
    of unchained melody
    of the fleet that sailed before.
    Their names, pure and everlasting,
    emblazoned on the bow
    of my spring ship
    On this morning, I am not alone.
    I am joined by a newborn fleet
    that overcomes the old storm,
    singing in chorus with its virgin voice.
    I am joined by my brothers
    who give a new shape
    to this harbour, this haven,
    who change the tides
    and mark new course,
    so that maybe once, in all the years
    since the harbour opened her gates,
    all may sail through.
    That is the beauty of this place,
    that the tides can change.
    With each passing fleet,
    a new day, a new song.
    Barren landscape,
    cracked, withered, and gnarled
    can be made plain.
    The rough places made soft.
    The air and sea made pure again
    while corruption, like an oar weed
    simmering in hot summer sun,
    can wither and blow away
    with the winds of change.
    Spring’s song, like life-giving blood,
    trickles through the ground
    down to the roots
    of our land,
    bringing renewed energy
    to the parched earth.
    There, in the heart of the harbour,
    my youthful yell, my dream for this place,
    rings its melody for all to hear.
    The flower of truth
    spreads her petals wide this morning
    and the winds blow
    for a truer course.
    -- Andrew Weaver

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  • District Honor Band 2020

    Country Day becomes the annual host for District Honor Band!
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  • Posse Scholars

    Two members from the class of 2020 recognized as Posse Scholars.
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  • Senior Isabella Allen Selected to the 2019 Florida Dairy Farmers Academic All-State Team

    Senior Isabella Allen has been selected to the 2019 Florida Dairy Farmers Academic All-State team. In its 25th year, the recognition program honors 24 graduating student-athletes who excel in both athletics and academics from around the state of Florida. To be eligible, students must be a graduating senior with a minimum 3.5 unweighted grade point average and have earned a minimum of two Varsity letters in at least two different sports in their junior and senior year. The selection committee received applications from 116 qualified student-athletes who were evaluated based upon athletic participation, academic record, extracurricular activities, community service, and essay. Each Academic All-State team member will be recognized at a commemorative banquet on Monday, June 10 in Gainesville, where each will receive a $1,700 scholarship and a commemorative medallion. Two of the All-State team members, one male and one female, will be named the Ron Davis Scholar-Athletes of the Year, the FHSAA’s most prestigious honor bestowed on any student-athlete. The winners of this award will earn a commemorative trophy and an additional $4,600 in scholarship funds. Click here to read more about the award from the FHSAA.

    Isabella is a natural community leader and lead organizer for the “Scaring for Caring” Haunted House that benefits Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Miami, UHealth Jackson Children’s Care, and Holtz Children’s Hospital that has raised over $1 million since 2014. She has played 6 years of Varsity Soccer, 4 years of Softball, and 6 years of Cross Country. Thank you Isabella for representing Miami Country Day School’s core values of honor, respect, wisdom, and compassion both on and off the field.
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  • Senior Isabella Pedraza Pineros Selected as Coca-Cola Scholar

    Congratulations to Senior Isabella Pedraza Pineros who was recently named a Coca-Cola Scholar and was awarded a $20,000 college scholarship. Over 95,000 applicants and nearly 1,900 semifinalists participated in the program. Isabella is one of 150 students selected nationally and joins a family of 6,150+ alumni who are leading positive change in their communities and around the world. What a proud moment for the entire Miami Country Day community!
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  • Senior Isabella Pedraza Selected as Coca-Cola Scholarship Program semifinalist

    Congratulations to senior Isabella Pedraza who was recently selected as a Coca-Cola Scholarship Program semifinalist. She was one of 1900 students selected from among 200,000+ applications for their outstanding commitment to both their communities and schools!
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  • Spartan Cup Business Challenge

    2019 Spartan Cup Business Challenge was another year of success and creativity!
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  • AP Environmental Science Class Field Trip

    A group of AP Environmental Science students toured the South District Wastewater Treatment Plant this week, where they witnessed the physical, biological and chemical processes that are used to treat incoming sewage before it is injected back into the groundwater.  They then visited the South Dade Landfill and saw all three stages of a landfill: a capped landfill, a working landfill and a new landfill in its earliest stages. 
    Students gained a better appreciation for the people and the technology that are used to process our waste in order to maintain a clean, safe environment.
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  • Sophomore Michael Athanassiadis Wins National Essay Contest

    This year’s essay prompt asked students to read the story “An Appointment with His Brother” by noted South Korean writer Yi Yun-Mol, in which the writer imagines meeting his North Korean brother in an autonomous Korean region in China, and analyze its portrayal of North Korea for the ways it differs from media depictions and suggests the challenges posed by reunification of the Koreas. Read his essay here. His win will be announced in AZALEA: Journal of Korean Literature and Culture; and the essay will be published in either the Korea Times Chicago or the Korean Quarterly (TBD).
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