MCDS @ Miami-Dade Model UN (MDMUN)

During the Miami-Dade Model UN (MDMUN) event, dedicated MCDS student delegates, representing Uzbekistan and Mozambique, passionately worked towards achieving their objectives through articulate communication, collaborative efforts, and the drafting of resolutions. Their diverse initiatives included enhancing freedom of information and expression with Laura d.W., addressing global food insecurity with the joint efforts of Maddy S, Freddy S, Lucia C, and Leilani L, and tackling the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan/Darfur through the UN Security Council, led by Dylan M and Gabe J. Other significant contributions encompassed initiatives to promote sustainable tourism (Alan V, Felipe B, Julian M, Julius R), combat climate change (Andrew A, Savanna S, Mica M, and Jackson K), regulate and use Artificial Intelligence more effectively (Ron G, Issa D, Mia F, and Ginger J), and foster global political participation and leadership among women, spearheaded by Mikayla W and Elle G. The delegates showcased a remarkable commitment to addressing pressing global issues and finding impactful solutions.
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