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Head of School Published in NAIS Magazine

Join us in congratulating Mariandl Hufford, President and Head of School, for being published in the National Association of Independent Schools' Spring 2023 magazine. This prestigious honor highlights the national prominence of Mariandl’s purposeful leadership. The article "Refocusing Community with a Mission-Centered School Pledge" emphasizes the importance of creating a shared sense of mission and community in independent schools. Our Head of School suggests that our mission-centered school pledge can help achieve this by outlining values and commitments that all members of the school community agree to uphold.

It provides examples of how our school highlights the benefits of involving all members of the community in the creation of the pledge. Overall, a mission-centered school can serve as a powerful testament for creating a cohesive and focused school community. Her insightful article, 'Refocusing Community with a Mission-Centered School Pledge', is a must-read for educators, learners and the entire independent school community. To read the article please visit the NAIS website at https://www.nais.org/magazine/independent-school/spring-2023/
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