Never shall I forget

Reflections of the Holocaust Remembrance Day
NEVER SHALL I FORGET when the brave survivors of the Holocaust shared their stories with us.
Never shall I forget the survivors walking into the classroom so graciously as if they didn’t want to disturb us.
Never shall I forget when I heard about the last moment they saw their loved ones.
Never shall I forget the pain in their eyes.
Never shall I forget how they were treated in the camps as if they weren't human.
Never shall I forget their stories of the strength they had through the war that inspires me to work harder and to not take things for granted.
Never shall I forget being a witness and stop being a messenger to humanity.
-8th grader Ella G
All year our 8th graders focus on a central theme: “America’s Multicultural Roots.” They do a lot throughout the year to support this theme such as take a class trip to New Orleans, and a day trip to Little Havana and Little Haiti.
However, a big part of the study is the 30+ year tradition where Holocaust survivors visit campus in order to participate in intimate dialogues with our 8th graders. The annual visit is treasured by all as it allows the younger generations to really learn about a major historical event. The Holocaust survivors spend the whole day on campus and are paired with an Upper School buddy to show them around. The classroom dialogues are where our 8th graders can ask questions in a safe environment.
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