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4th Grade Robotics

Our 4th grade class had the opportunity to work with Miami sculptor, Mike Rivamonte to create mixed-media robot sculptures.
LS art teacher, Nicole Maynard-Sahar, provided a rich opportunity for 4th Grade artists to work closely with Miami sculptor, Mike Rivamonte, to create mixed-media robot sculptures. Mike likes to create robots and other futuristic contraptions out of vintage materials like bike parts from the '30s and '40s, old radios, microphones and staplers that he collects from all over the world.  Using two of Mike’s sculptures as inspiration for deep discussion and creative possibilities, young sculptors created their own robots with the premise that their robots be visually and structurally balanced. With an abundance of wires, copper plating and interesting ‘bits’ donated by our Maker Space, 4th graders explored a fusion of physics, problem solving, creativity and artistic intent to create robots that are unique and have taken on personalities of their own.  As Mike states: “Objects are very powerful and can evoke recollections of memories and experiences…Viewers share their knowledge and experiences with objects they discover in the work and this ultimately becomes integrated into its universal collective story of each piece.”  4th Graders couldn’t wait to continue the story of each of their robot sculptures!
Below is more information about our guest, Mike Rivamonte.
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