The Inexplicable Music of Daniel Gallup

Senior Daniel Gallup remembers feeling like he could sing before he could talk. Music was omnipresent in his house whether it was his Dad serenading the family on piano or singing renditions of popular songs in the form of lullabies like “Surfer Boy” into “Daniel Boy” just before bed. Daniel began learning to play formal instruments like the piano in the 4th grade and bass guitar in 7th. 
He was most interested in the freedom of expression that music invokes. From his father’s early musical influence to being inspired by Country Day teachers like Ms. Murawka, Mr. Winters, and Mr. Wicker, Daniel has grown into a talented musician and recently released his first self-titled studio album, Daniel Gallup - EP.

Daniel’s musical influences span a wide range of genres. Counting Crows is one of his favorite bands and sets a standard in lyrics and musicality that he strives to attain in his work. His sound is inspired by artists from the likes of Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Taylor Swift, and Childish Gambino. Each artist sprinkles a little into the essence of Daniel’s music. Sometimes “warm and encapsulating” like you are a having a conversation inside his living room to a “funky sound” that embraces his imperfection and vulnerability, Daniel’s sound connects the listener immediately to what he is trying to convey. For the production of his album, Daniel worked alongside Sophomore Mack Tracy who lent his talent and energy on the drums.

Mack started playing drums on pots and pans when he was 5, and by Christmas of that year, he received his first drum set. “Daniel asked me to lay down the drum tracks on his songs. We rehearsed twice at my home. We had two recording sessions at DogManic Studios. Each of those sessions were only a few hours because I knew what Daniel wanted,” says Tracy. Both Mack and Daniel play with the Upper School Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) or 21 Hearts, One Beat. “It is through playing with musicians who inspired the best in me and performing in front of crowds hearing what they respond to, that I have reached the level I’m at now,” added Gallup.

When asked if he had any advice to aspiring young musicians, Gallup shared, “Never be afraid to write what you are feeling down. A lot of times I felt stagnated by fear of how others would view my lyrics or the simplicity of a chord progression. Once I got over this hypothetical fear of the scrutiny of others is when I could truly write the music that I wanted to write.” Tracy advises succinctly, “You can never practice enough.” Next year as a freshman at the University of Florida, Daniel hopes to perform more of his original material and share it more with others. Tracy closed with these sentiments about his friend, “Daniel is extremely talented and is on the pathway to great success! Most importantly, he is a wonderful human being.”

Make sure to listen to Daniel’s EP at this link and mark your calendars to check out Daniel and Mack alongside the members of 21 Hearts, One Beat in their final performance of the year at Country Day on Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23 at 7:00pm in the Center for the Arts.
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