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  • September

    The Spartacus reports on Miami Heat Game Day!

    Wake up Miami! It's game day! Middle and Upper School weigh in! 
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  • Playwright Jason Pizzarello joined class

    Playwright Jason Pizzarello joined a Middle School Zoom class!
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  • On Campus During Hybrid: What You Need to Know

    The Spartacus staff is committed to keeping you informed about the procedures, protocols, and administrative decisions that you need to know to make your own decisions about how to stay healthy and safe as we enter new territory in the way we need to manage ourselves in and out of the classroom. We will continue to add your questions and the answers as we get them and will continue to publish them every Monday. Stay tuned!
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  • Hybrid Return to School

    Missed the Middle School Webinar? 
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  • August

    Fall 2020 FAQs

    These times bring immense challenges, and those challenges are unique for each student, family, faculty member, school, community, and region. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy that works for every scenario in every location. Learning will be different. Campus will be different. There will be disruption. MCDS may need to close unexpectedly depending on local conditions and ordinances. No one knows with certainty what the fall will bring in terms of this pandemic.
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  • Middle School Fall 2020 Informational Webinar

    As the school year quickly approaches, and the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve throughout the state of Florida and right here in Miami, we wanted to share the MCDS plan to approach our return to school this fall. 
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  • 7th Grader Shares Her Experience With Cancer

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  • District Honor Band 2020

    Country Day becomes the annual host for District Honor Band!
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  • First iBelong Coffeehouse of the Year

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  • Middle School Service Day

    Day of Service in the Middle School
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  • "One Union will unite us all"

    8th Grade's Annual Southern Supper
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  • Middle School in March

    Model UN

    On Saturday, March 1 our Model UN team competed for the second year at the Miami Dade College competition. This year we had three resolutions passed in committee, and two of our delegations (China: Felipe Bautista and Dylan Meyers; Saudi Arabia: Isaac Brown and Miguel Escobar) won Honorable Mention. 

    The delegates in the following committees worked on and had their resolution passed:
    UNDP: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation China delegation: Felipe Bautista and Dylan Meyer
    UN Women: Empowering Rural Women: Saudi Arabia delegation: Zoe Terry and Jessica Levy
    UNICEF: Child Protection from violence, Exploitation and Abuse China delegation: Renan Ramos, Saudi Arabia: Hendrix Lee and Leyka Rojos.
    The two Honorable Mentions were Felipe Bautista and Kylan Meyer and Miguel Escobar and Isaac Brown (Saudi Arabia delegation to the General Assembly: Global Compact for Migration)
    Holocaust Education Day

    8th graders prepared for their day with Holocaust surviors with the study of Night (in English classes) as well as discussions in Advisory. Students also viewed a few documentaries related specifically to the experience of individuals in the Holocaust as well as one that shared the experience of survivors of the Rwandan genocide (connecting back to Wiesel’s message in Night “Never shall I forget…”). 
    Questions were developed in Advisory and Civics classes and were brought with by the students. After opening remarks on Wednesday morning, students broke into groups for more intimate discussions with the Holocaust survivors. 

    A special thank you to the following survivors who joined our 8th graders on Wednesday:

    Katalin Packard
    Irene Zisblatt
    Allen Hall
    Julius Eisenstein
    Sally Dauman
    Magda Bader
    Anita Karl
    Howard Chandler
    Morris Dan
    Peter Trajan
    Judy Rodan
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  • Middle School Model UN

    Miami Country Day's motto; Every Student Every Day was exhibited by Model UN in this week's event.
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  • Never shall I forget

    Reflections of the Holocaust Remembrance Day
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