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X-Term offers Upper School students the opportunity to explore a whole child passion not typically found in the traditional curriculum. Opportunities exist on campus, in the greater Miami community, and at domestic and international locations. X-Term transports students to experiential endeavors where the real world serves as the classroom and education is reimagined. X-Term supports the Miami Country Day School mission and its core values by enhancing the opportunities each student has to become a lifelong learner.
Falling under the GATEway umbrella, X-Term offers the experiential and educational opportunities that Upper School students have come to love since 2011, but will now seek even more ways to reimagine that experience, to provide clear deliverables, and to take our students to new heights - whether they are local or halfway around the world. From a new sister school student exchange opportunity in Helsinki, Finland to the study of architectural design right here in Miami, and studying an American Studies program linked with the PENN Museum in Philadelphia to practicing holistic wellness here in Miami, this catalog is chock full of experiences for you to peruse - both new courses and the classic options enjoyed by former students.

2020 X-Term Catalog

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