Learning Resources Program

Learning Resources Mission
The Learning Resources Program of Miami Country Day School is for students in grades six through twelve who have average to superior intelligence with a documented learning difference.

The Learning Resources Program develops those personal and intellectual strengths that enable students to succeed in its college preparatory curriculum. Self-advocacy training is an integral part of our curriculum. Our program is designed to prepare our graduates for a college or university education suitable to their needs and demonstrated abilities.

Students take core classes with Learning Resources teachers.  Students may move between Learning Resources and main track courses according to their educational needs.

The Learning Resources Program Offers

  • Small classes
  • Laptop computer instruction as a part of each core class curriculum
  • Multi-sensory and personalized approach to teaching
  • Differentiated instruction to accommodate the learning style of students
  • Careful assessment of each student
  • Study skills and organizational strategies
  • Strategies for goal-setting, self-monitoring, and developing personal responsibility
  • Multi-dimensional approach to assessment
  • Support and education for parents
  • Self-advocacy training
  • Close coordination with the college counseling program
Learning Resources Methodology
Learning Resources courses focus on essentially the same content and skill development as main track courses. The differences in the program occur in the method of instruction and in assessment of students. Material is taught through sequential, multi-sensory instruction. New information is presented in small chunks that are frequently linked to prior knowledge. This methodology has been proven to be effective with students with learning differences. Assessment of knowledge includes traditional tests, quizzes, authentic and alternative methods, as well as a wide variety of projects that demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge to real world situations. All Learning Resource classes include a study skills/organization/time management component designed to develop the executive function of the brain. Highly trained teachers, whose instructional strategies translate brain research into action, teach Learning Resources classes.

Paule Ebrahimi
Director of the Learning Resources Program
Sophia Tranoris
SSD Coordinator
Miami Country Day School is a college preparatory learning community committed to educating the whole child. Through the core values of honor, respect, wisdom and compassion, we prepare students to be lifelong learners. We inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual potentials by valuing every student every day.

Every Student. Every Day.

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