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A message from Mariandl Hufford, President and Head of School

Grandparents and Grand Friends Day at Miami Country Day School is a reminder of the joy and an immediate understanding of what rises to the top as lasting: a child’s joy in showing what they have learned and what they can do. It is wonderfully uncomplicated and yet captures something close to awe for both grandchildren and their grandparents.
Miami Country Day’s traditional Grandparents’ and Grand Friends’ Day is usually an on-campus event. Throughout the years at MCDS, Grandparents and Grand Friends begin their morning with their grandchildren welcoming them to their classroom, they participate in a classroom activity with their grandchild, followed by a tour, performances by actors and musicians and ending with an outdoor lunch together on campus. As live events were no longer an option this year, the school had to make some quick decisions.
While we knew it wasn’t feasible to hold Grandparents’ Day as we traditionally had, we knew we could use this time to provide value for our school’s families. We didn’t want to lose the connections between grandparents and grandchildren that the in-person event fostered. We knew we had to pivot and that’s what we did. We have created for you a very special Grandparent News Page. Sit back and take a peek at the wonderful activities that your grandchildren have been involved with on campus. It truly is remarkable to see these magical moments every day.

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