• Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Committed to Your Safety

The safety, security and well-being of our students, staff and visitors are always foremost on our minds.
In conjunction with ICS Protective Services, our Campus Safety Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to:
Control access to campus
Ensure building security
Patrol the campus regularly
Oversee parking control and permits
Provide security during special events

Visitor Information

Visitors must enter the main campus through the North and/or South Gate security station. 
To enter the campus all individuals will be required to show a school issued ID or a valid driver’s license.
The license will be checked against a statewide and national criminal history records before a visitor’s pass is issued.
All visitors to campus will need to have an administrator, faculty or staff host to be cleared for a destination on campus. No visitors will be allowed on campus until verification has been cleared.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an on-campus emergency or threat the following procedures will be implemented:
  • Shelter in Place 
  • Lock Down
    • Visitor information

Weather Alert Procedures


There are two types of weather alerts; Weather Caution and Severe Weather Alert.

The determination between Caution and Severe Alert will be based on the proximity and intensity of the storm based on Thor Guard readings.  Both will require stopping outside activities until the all clear signal is given.

The Weather Caution will allow swift move from building to building during passing times and may even allow for drop-off, pick-up procedures to continue.

The Severe Weather Alert will require everyone to remain undercover at all times with no outside movement whatsoever.
The announcements will be as follows:

“Attention please, Weather Caution in effect, I repeat, Weather Caution in effect. Immediately stop any outside activity and seek shelter. Swift movement of students from building to building is permitted during passing times only.”
“Attention please, Severe Weather Alert in effect, I repeat, Severe Weather Alert in effect. Immediately seek shelter and stay undercover until further notice. Passing between buildings is strictly prohibited!”

We strongly discourage parents/guardians from picking up a child when a Weather Alert is in progress. Please remain in your vehicle until the all clear signal is given.
    • Closures & Cancelations

Closures & Cancelations

For information and updates, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page.


Please obey all traffic rules.
Please be on time to secure your spot and follow these important guidelines:
  1. Park on your assigned spot
  2. Your parking decal number must match your parking space number
  3. You must park head-in only
  4. Park in one of the overflow parking spaces in the World Languages Center lot if your spot is taken
  5. Contact security if your spot is taken

Contact us

Joseph Conner
Head of Campus Safety
The Campus Safety office is located on the ground floor of the Center for the Arts.
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