Campus Safety

Miami Country Day School's campus is secured 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by Kent Security Officers. We have a cooperative partnership with the Miami Shores Police Department, and have four officers on campus during the day and two evening officers for campus activities after 5:00 p.m.

Visitor Information

  • Visitors must enter the main campus through the North and/or South Gate security station. All other pedestrian entrances will be locked at all times.
  • There will be no pedestrian traffic allowed through the Lower School turnaround.
  • To enter the campus all individuals (faculty, staff, parents, family members, vendors, school community and all visitors) will be required to show a school issued ID or a valid driver’s license.
  • The license will be checked against a statewide and national criminal history records check service before a visitor’s pass is issued.
  • All visitors to campus will need to have an administrator, faculty or staff host to be cleared for a destination on campus; no visitors will be allowed on campus until verification has been cleared.
  • Visitors will be escorted to the Welcome Center when clearance for destination has been authorized.
  • Permanent MCDS IDs can be obtained by application. These applications can be obtained at the Security Check Points and the Welcome Center.
  • Parking for visitors is restricted to the North Campus Surface Parking Spaces and the first floor of the Campus Parking Garage during school hours.
  • Parking in the Pool Parking Lot is restricted to individuals who have been authorized by Miami Country Day School to park in this lot.

Weather Alert Procedures


There are two types of weather alerts; Weather Caution and Severe Weather Alert.

The determination between Caution and Severe Alert will be based on the proximity and intensity of the storm based on Thor Guard readings.  Both will require stopping outside activities until the all clear signal is given. The Caution will allow swift move from building to building during passing times and may even allow for drop-off, pick-up procedures to continue. The Severe Alert will require everyone to remain undercover at all times with no outside movement what so ever.

The announcements will be as follows:

Attention please, Weather Caution in effect, I repeat, Weather Caution in effect. Immediately stop any outside activity and seek shelter. Swift movement of students from building to building is permitted during passing times only.

Attention please, Severe Weather Alert in effect, I repeat, Severe Weather Alert in effect. Immediately seek shelter and stay undercover until further notice. Passing between buildings is strictly prohibited!

A Weather Alert will be called when there is imminent danger of someone being struck by lightning. Please be advised that a weather alert may affect morning traffic flow, afternoon traffic flow, break, and/or lunch.
We strongly discourage parents/guardians from picking up a child when a Weather Alert is in progress. Please remain in your vehicle until the all clear signal is given.
The School will communicate the following information when a Weather Alert is called via our website and in form of an email/text blast instantly reaching our community at large.
When Miami Country Day School is under a Severe Weather Alert
1. Students are undercover and safe from harm.
2. Students are not permitted to be outside and will not be released (even at the end of the day) until the weather caution is announced or the all clear signal is given.
3. Given the severe weather, we don’t encourage you to pick up your child until the all clear signal is given.
4. If you MUST pick up your child, you may do so at your own risk by following the appropriate divisional sign out procedures.
A. Lower School – parents must park and walk to their child’s homeroom class to sign out their child.
B. Upper and Middle School:
1. Before dismissal – Parents must park and visit the appropriate divisional office to sign out their child. Students will ONLY be released to his/her respective parent/guardian. A phone call or email will not suffice for sign out purposes.
2. After dismissal time - Parents must park and walk to their child’s last classroom. If you don’t know the location of your child’s last classroom, visit the divisional office for assistance. Other students may be released to another parent/driver/guardian at dismissal time as long as the teacher receives verbal confirmation from the parent by phone. A signature will be required to assume responsibility of the student(s) he/she will be signing out during a weather alert.

Closures & Cancellations

All on-campus academic, athletic, and social activities are canceled effective March 13, 2020, at 3:30 PM through August 25, 2020.

Miami Country Day School is a college preparatory learning community committed to educating the whole child. Through the core values of honor, respect, wisdom and compassion, we prepare students to be lifelong learners. We inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual potentials by valuing every student every day.

Every Student. Every Day.

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