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Arts Team

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  • Terry Alfonso

    Arts Department Director
    Terry Alfonso
    305-779-7224Contact Terry
  • Kathryn Pelletier

    Lower School Music
    Kathryn Pelletier
    305-779-7230Contact Kathryn
  • Russell Mofsky

    Middle School Music
    Russell Mofsky
    305-779-7281Contact Russell
  • Karlie Kohler

    Middle School Drama
    Karlie Kohler
    305-779-7200Contact Karlie
  • Rose Miller

    Lower School Art
    Rose Miller
    305-779-7200Contact Rose
  • Mark Runge

    Upper School Art and Photography
    Mark Runge
    305-779-7200Contact Mark
  • Judy Mistor

    Judy Mistor
    305-779-7231Contact Judy
  • Cristina Pla-Guzman

    Upper School Drama
    Cristina Pla-Guzman
    305-779-7200Contact Cristina
  • Sha'Quan Johnson

    Sha'Quan Johnson
    305-779-7553Contact Sha'Quan
  • Pascal Robert

    Technology Director and Stagecraft Class Teacher
    Person Biography
    305-779-7290Contact Pascal
  • Zach Pitchman

    Lighting Designer & Scene/Stagecraft Shop Manager
    Zach Pitchman
    305-779-7200Contact Zach
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