Lower School

The Lower School Art program is looked at as an integral part of the development of the whole child, beginning with the art work incorporated in the three year old program to the skill building of our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. Our students build observation and technique as they progress.  We work with themes which can vary according to interest and enthusiasm of both students and teacher: the importance of homes, building, and architecture for first graders; work reflecting Native American Indian arts for second graders; rice, tea bowls, fabric prints, artists of Japan for third graders; printing on fabric designing, sewing, metalwork for fourth graders; and observing, drawing, printmaking, and clay work for the 5th graders.  All levels work with clay, sketch and paint outside, learn about various artists, and build skills in drawing.  Individual progress is valued and results in an end of the year art show for each class.  Students are encouraged to keep their own sketch book and draw whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Middle School

There are three different visual arts elective courses offered at the Middle School level.  These courses meet four times a week for an entire year, which allows for an in-depth exploration of materials and techniques.  Art I encompasses both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work that includes drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.  Art II is an opportunity for students to continue to develop at a more advanced level.  A sculpture class dedicated solely to three-dimensional work is the third offering.  The use of sophisticated art materials and tools such as the professional printing press are introduced as well as an informal exposure to art history.  Student work is exhibited in various areas around our campus throughout the year culminating in our Evening of the Arts event in the spring.

Upper School

The Upper School photography program affords both introductory and intermediate courses in Traditional Black & White darkroom photography as well as Digital Photography. Students enrolled in the Black & White Photo courses process film and develop their prints in a darkroom. They learn how to fine tune the print through burning, dodging, and the proper filter selection for contrast. In Digital Photography, students are taught file management and various image editing techniques using the Photoshop software. Ultimately, students in both processes develop a firm understanding of camera exposure, composition, lens choice, and usage of both natural light and artificial light to explore their creative pursuits.

The Upper School Art program offers Drawing and Design, Painting, and Advanced Placement Studio Art. Students understand and implement the proper use of various shading techniques, perspective, composition, and color theory. Visual awareness and artistic skills are honed and pushed further within the two dimensional mediums and all students are encouraged to experiment with their own unique mark-making styles and aesthetics. After receiving a foundation in the visual arts, students have the option (with teacher and department coordinator approval) to enroll in AP Studio Art, which is a year-long rigorous course designed to build a portfolio of artwork for college credit.

The Upper School Arts Department also offers several courses in the three dimensional area: Ceramics I, Ceramics II, and Sculpture. Some students have also pursued their interests further by taking Independent Studies and/or completing an internship in the Ceramics studio as their Senior Project requirement. Ceramics I and II offer a variety of functional and decorative projects, aimed at honing student’s hand building skills in a clay medium. Exposure to the basics of throwing on the potter’s wheel is also a part of these two courses. Sculpture offers an in-depth exploration into all three main forms of the sculptural process: molding, carving, and sculptural assemblage. Students are offered a wide variety of different materials to work with, and concept development is a strong theme throughout the course.
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