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"One Union will unite us all"

8th Grade's Annual Southern Supper
One Union will unite us all
Oh, let America be land for those with new dreams,
For those who hunt for a new future 
Let racism vanish and turn into only memories that we fight 
Let America be nothing but aspirations,
For people that howl for help
Let all the states strength mirror others for new dreams

Let those who are trapped with the scars from the past break free
As if they were chained 
I’m a person who prays that the pain of others will finalize
Let others build compassion 
Let every one that surrounds us become one nation
Without warmth, there is just a wall in front of a person 
Let America be a place were immigrants from other countries 
give new culture to one’s state

Immigrants are like any other person
With desires and dreams, they fight for a new identity
The world should be equal 
Equal humanity, Equal rights to live
We need to free those who feel trapped
Those who we can save
-Sara B, Miami Country Day student
 The 8th grade spends the whole year talking about and doing work with their theme which is America’s Multicultural Roots. They work on different projects, read different literature and even take some trips throughout the US to help support the theme. They showcase all that they have learned throughout the year by putting on the annual Southern Supper.
This year’s Southern Supper had more than 200 parents and students. They were treated to New Orleans and Memphis music by the middle school concert band and chorus, as well as students who learned and rehearsed music specifically for the occasion. Students performed original poetry related to the theme, America’s Multicultural Roots.  One example of this beautiful poetry is Sara’s poem above.
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