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ESL Summer Camp

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E.S.O.L. – English Second Language

What could be more Miami than ESOL (ESL) summer camp spent on the landscaped grounds of the Miami Country Day campus, exploring our 18 acres of nature while focusing on English language conversation with our experienced ESOL teachers?
Join us as we visit the Abess Center For Environmental Studies (ACES) each day to participate in creative “hands-on” activities with the living world through ecology, natural sciences, and live animals. Class will also include nature walks and incorporate visits to exciting learning environments on campus. Each session is one week only.
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Beginner ESOL Learners Ages 4 to 12
Immediate ESOL Learners Ages 7 to 14


Session I June 26 - 30
Session II: July 10 - 14
Session III: July 17 - 21
Session IV: July 24 - 28


8:00am – 12:00pm


$500 per session

Additional Info

  • Lunch not included.
  • Swimming not included.

Pick Up / Drop Off Locations

South Guard Gate, 107th Street

Director Information

Beginner ESOL Learners Ages 4-12

Students ready for the Beginner ESOL Level will understand familiar and repetitive oral English including basic commands and expressions such as “Hello” and “Thank you.” They will be able to state their name and age, and answer basic questions like, ‘How are you?’ These students will know the alphabet in order, their numbers up to 10 or 20 and be familiar with a limited number of everyday words.
The primary goal for Beginner ESOL Learners is social language proficiency. To this end, the focus will be on vocabulary expansion and building speaking confidence. Beginner ESOL Learners will build basic sight vocabulary of everyday words in the classroom and campus environment, learn verbs to help them express themselves and describe events, and participate in retelling stories constructed from personal experience with classroom and campus activities. Hands-on activities will be the foundation for instigating a language-experience approach to English learning for the Beginner ESOL Learners group.

Intermediate ESOL Learners Ages 7-14

This group of ESOL Learners can maintain basic conversation and discuss day-to-day activities and routines but do so using only high frequency or common words about their immediate environment. They can give directions, express basic likes and dislikes and understand the general meaning of events. Responses are limited to use of simple sentence structures and basic vocabulary on a literal level, to communicate about everyday topics and describe familiar objects and events.
The main focus for Intermediate ESOL Learners is to expand their social language proficiency and direct them toward academic language proficiency. Emphasis will be placed on increasing students’ vocabulary and their ability to work with different verb tenses. Role playing and interviews, along with on campus activities, will be used to develop proficiency with grammar and descriptive language including complex sentence structures, contemporary idioms and slang. The overall focus for the Intermediate ESOL group will be to help them with critical thinking and to learn how to express their opinions and preferences on global and social issues to build proficiency and confidence.
*Please register according to your child’s age and English proficiency level
*Both classes run at the same time so students can switch groups if needed

ESOL Tutoring

English language tutors are available for individual lessons during the day. Please contact us to schedule private tutoring.
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