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List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • What ages do you accept at camp?

    We start at 2.5 years old and potty-trained if they turn 3 by August.
  • Do you provide transportation for campers?

    Yes! We offer a daily bus from two central locations. Aventura Mall & Pine Tree Park. For details on times and pricing, please click here.
  • What happens if my child can’t swim?

    In our Day Camp, we offer instructional swim. Each Monday, every camper will perform a swim test to determine their abilities in the water and be placed in the appropriate group. With that said, if your day camper cannot swim, they will be placed in our learn-to-swim group and begin their swim journey!
  • How many campers and counselors per group?

    In our Day Camp, there will not be more than 20 campers per group. For our younger groups, we work on a ratio of 5 - 7 campers per counselor. For the older groups that number is 8 - 10 campers per counselor.
  • Is lunch included?

    Yes, lunch will be provided for all campers who are registered for a full-day camp.
  •  Do you cater to specific dietary needs?

    Yes, to an extent. We have a variety of choices every day that will include a gluten-free option and a vegetarian option. We DO NOT cater to Kosher needs, unfortunately. You will receive the menu before camp starts so you can go over the options with your camper(s).
  • At Day Camp is there a nap time for kids?

    Yes. All PreK and Kinder groups have a cabin chill/nap time after lunch each day lasting between 45 mins to an hour.
  • Do you offer after-care?

    Yes, we offer “PlayHouse90” after camp that runs until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. You can register for this weekly or daily. Find more information here.
  • What happens if I have two registered campers in different camps with different end times?

    We offer complimentary sibling care if you have two children enrolled with different end times. The camper with the earlier end time would go to PlayHouse90 until their sibling is done, where they then would join their sibling for pick-up. An email will be sent asking if you would like to take advantage of this service.
  • What does my camper need to bring to camp?

    Each camp requires different items to be brought to camp.
  • What is the address?

    In most GPS systems you can type in Miami Country Day School, and it will lead you to our campus. To type in the full address that will take you directly to our parking garage please enter: 10931 NE 6th Avenue Miami, FL 33161
  • What is the earliest time i can drop my camper(s) off?

    The earliest you can drop off your camper is 8:30 am.
  • At Day Camp, do the campers nap?

     All Pre-K and Kindergarten groups have “Cabin Chill” as part of their daily schedule after lunch, lasting about 45 minutes. Campers have the option to nap, read or play quietly during this time.
  • Can I spend time with my child at camp?

    No. Summer Camp is for your kids. They thrive best when they are with their peers and counselors. Parents will be invited to our Day Camp show and any other special events that we may host, but once your child is dropped off, it is their time to thrive without parents.
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