Endowment is the financial foundation of all successful educational institutions. Income from endowment secures programs, provides faculty incentives, maintains facilities, funds need-based student financial aid, and enhances the educational experience beyond the provision of tuition.

An endowed fund generates income for its designated purpose or department according to the School’s investment policy established by the Board of Trustees. All endowed funds are accepted at the School’s discretion based on this policy. Recognizing the need to increase endowment for the security of Miami Country Day’s future, endowed funds have been established to address general operations, scholarship, faculty, buildings and programs. Donors who establish endowed funds will receive a copy of the school’s investment policy and the Annual Report.

Endowment Fund Levels

Minimum principle needed to establish specific endowment funds:

Named Funds for General Purposes ... $ 50,000 
Underwrites general operations.

Named Funds for Designated Purposes ... $100,000 
Underwrites general departmental programs and student activities.

Acknowledged Scholarship Funds ... $100,000 
Provides partial tuition for scholarship students.

Acknowledged Faculty Professional Growth Funds ... $100,000 
Underwrites faculty salaries, development initiatives, including independent research projects, curriculum development,
and conference attendance.

Named Distinguished Teacher/ Department Chair ... $250,000 
Assists in helping underwrite faculty salaries and establishes a position of honor for a distinguished educator.

Named Building / Plant Operations Funds ... $250,000 
Underwrites the operations and maintenance of buildings and programs. 
Miami Country Day School is a qualified 501(c)3 organization and gifts are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law.
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