Campaign for the Arts Donors

as of January 10, 2018

Heritage Club

List of 1 items.

  • ($1,000,000 +)

    The Garner Foundation
    John Michael Garner '49
    Gerald W. Moore ’68
    James W. Moore ’65
    Kathryn Anne Paulk
    Janice G. Topping
    Meg G. Wright '77

President’s Circle

List of 1 items.

  • ($500,000 - $999,999)

    GJ and Joyce Bakker
    Felipe and Monica Bautista
    David C. Bloom
    Michael and Lana Fischer
    Miami Country Day School Parents’ Association
    Matthias and Conny Nixdorf
    Valerio Toyos and Janet Pomares-Toyos
    The Whitman/Lazenby Family

Trustee Associates

List of 1 items.

  • ($250,000 - $499,999)

    Abramowitz, Finvarb, and Possin Families
    Larry and Vanessa Abramowitz
    Richard and Helen Finvarb
    Robert and Rochelle Finvarb
    Salomon Finvarb
    Isaac and Michelle Possin ’95
    Paul and Marie-France Bloch
    Steven and Claudia Brod
    Benny and Juliette Klepach
    The Lampert Family
    Gerardo Pantin and Rosana Pantin-Escudero
    Falk and Natascha Preussner
    Raul and Yarelys Rodriguez
    The Sol Taplin Charitable Foundation
    Neil and Jennifer Sazant
    Martin and Cricket Taplin
    Antonio and Astrid Yammine


List of 1 items.

  • ($100,000 - $249,999)

    Matt and Lisa Allen
    Lin Arison
    Chris Bellows
    Harry and Leslie Benitah
    James and Alexandra Bergman
    Laurence Sarah Bigio
    Whitney Bloom
    Barry Brodsky
    Chaplin and Jove Families
    Harvey and Roberta Chaplin
    Paul and Karen Chaplin
    Wayne and Arlene Chaplin
    Fred and Terry Jove
    Pierre and Heidi Charalambides
    Raul and Juliana Costa
    Steve and Karina Delonga
    John C. “Jack” DuBois
    The Ezratti Family
    The Igor Fruman Family
    Jared and Michelle Goldberg
    Kobi and Nancy Karp
    Lee and Vanessa Krelstein
    Dr. Richard Lipsky and Zhanna Torres
    Adam and Jackie Malamed
    Sebastian and Soledad Malo
    Bruce C. Matheson ’61
    The Mendelson Family
    George Perez and Brooke Soffer
    Michael and Diane Rosenberg Family Foundation, Inc.
    Michael and Diane Rosenberg
    Justyn and Allison Feldman
    Robert and Susan Shor
    Jeffrey Soffer and Elle MacPherson-Soffer
    Matthew and Natalia Storm
    Graham and Candace Walsh
    J. Randall and Charmaine Waterfield

Hibiscus Society

List of 1 items.

  • ($25,000 - $99,999)

    Marty ’52 and Leesa Andreas
    The Bakalarz and Modiano Families
    Mariano Barreto and Bianca Baldini
    Bob and Debi Beasley
    Gabriel and Paula Boano
    Alexander and Katerina Brosda
    Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti
    Gary and Peggy Butts
    Ibraim and Liliane Chahoud
    Sean Clancy and Dina Cellini
    Albert and Karise Claramonte
    David and Dara Clarke
    Howard and Alison Cohen
    Seth Cohen and Aline Grotti-Cohen
    Larry and Laura Colin
    John and Roxanne Davies
    William A. Dean and Stacy D. Roskin
    Cedrik and Geraldine Denain
    Drew and Karen Dillworth
    Bud and Maria Farrey
    The Feinsilver Family
    Ronald ’89 and Laura Finvarb
    Stefano Frittella and Alexandra Carcelli
    Jim and Shellie Fulford and Thelma Venema
    Brian and Robin Gale
    Dana and Amy Gallup
    Laura and Eric Gould
    Craig ’93 and Nancy Green ’93
    Billy ’90 and Amanda Green
    Art and Carole Green
    Robby and Nadia Greenberg
    Sam and Claudia Grossman
    Vladimir Gurov and Elena Soloshenko
    Betty Hach
    Jack and Karleen Halliwell
    Chris and Holly Hansen
    Daniel and Manisha Harwin
    Javier and Andria Holtz
    Phillip Hudson and Sandra Kaufmann
    The Julien Family
    Kevin J. King ’95 and Tricia A. King
    John and Conchita King
    John King ’90
    Guy and Selin Kurlandski
    Doug and Kaisa Levine
    Brian and Stacey Levy
    Jason and Marni Loeb
    Flavia Lowenstein
    Maria and Duda Machado
    Eric and Myriam Malka
    Eduardo and Gabriela Marquez
    Spencer and Amelia Merinoff
    Stanley Mervyn Miller
    Jack and Libby Mitten
    Blake and Ann Modesitt
    Joseph Nicholas
    Santiago Orjuela and Vivianna Garcia
    Isabela and Nathalia Panarello Lins
    Julie and Mark Paresky
    Jay and Laura Parker
    Apostolos and Alicia Peristeris
    The Perlow Family
    Jarrett B. Perlow ’97 and Joshua E. Adrian
    Jeff and Sharon Perlow
    Courtney Perlow Stern ’00 and Ross Stern
    Mark and Sheryl Piper
    Lisi and Jason Port
    Tom and Julie Pronesti
    Liudmyla and Viktor Pylypyshyn
    Pascal and Lailla Raffy
    Thomas ’68 and Renee Rodgers
    Fernando Rodriguez and
    Valentina Felibert
    Ron and Jessica Rodriguez
    Enrico Romagnoli and Anna Cecilia
    Marc and Janna Ronert
    Michael and Stephanie Rosen
    Jason and Allison Rosenfeld
    Jean Ross and Rodney Walters
    Andrew Sasson and Michelle Muench
    Michael ’87 and Hildy Sastre
    David and Wendy Smith
    Jessica and Scott Srebnick
    Bruce and Meryl Tabatchnick
    Roustam Tariko
    James ’81 and Janie Tate
    Jordyn Tate ’10
    Erin Tate ’12
    Megan Tate ’15
    Stephen and Holly Temes
    Thomas Greg & Sons
    The Vila Santander Family
    Alan and Traci Waserstein
    The Wheaton Family
    Patricio and Adriana Wills
    Nicholas Zocchi and Janice Barefoot

Leadership Club

List of 1 items.

  • ($10,000 - $24,999)

    David and Gisela Alexander
    Alejandro Arango and Beatrice Rombaut
    Juan Arcila and Marcela Orrego
    Patrick and Lorena Assali
    Mario Borda and Carolina Quintero
    Philip and Robin Cahill
    Dennis Cote
    Chris Day and Asya Pashenko
    Adrian de Wilde and Clara Castano-Gonzalez
    Paul Dunbar and Loyce Archer-Dunbar
    Farina Ruskowski Family
    Philippe and Sylvie Fatien
    Ryan ’18, Jack ’20, and Mia Finvarb ’24
    Jon Gitman ’04
    Richard and Ivonn Goihman
    Alan and Marilyn Greenfield
    Massimo Guarini and Christina Schoelzel
    The Gutchess Family
    Joshua Hare and Lee Cohen Hare
    John Hernandez and Alexandra Page
    Hugoton Foundation
    Scott Huizenga
    Alfonso Jaramillo and Flavia Ranzini
    Valentyn Kasianov and Tetyana Kasianova
    Lev and Olga Khasis
    The Leoni Family
    The Letko Family
    Gregg and Barbara Miller
    Yvonne and Gordon Moyer
    Jason and Vannessa Nevader
    Darren and Vanessa Patz
    Eric and Jonina Pitchman
    Howard and Ilene Premer
    Sol and Julie Saad
    Irfan and Zehra Sahin
    The Cameron Schoch Family
    Marcelo and Elaine Sirotsky
    The Socarras Family
    Sergey Solonin and Nadezda Solonina
    Lawrence and Carol Stanfill
    Cliff and Janet Stein
    Maureen Stout
    The Szulc Family
    The Tilis Family
    Marcel and Alexandra van Gemerden
    Denise and Chris Wilson

Spartan Society

List of 1 items.

  • (Up to $9,999)

    Yann Abily
    Jon and Abra Adrabi
    Maya Adrabi ’31
    Terry Alfonso
    Marnie Allen
    Alvero-Cartolano Family
    Carlos Amin and Bianca Torrente
    Joanne F. Aronson
    Kimberly Arredondo
    Auguste Family
    The Avalos Family
    Alejandro Avayu ’97
    Tommy and Melissa Babil
    Michael and Viviane Baker
    John Barbick
    Trip and Valerie Barrett
    Joseph Bassett and Joanne Green
    Anne Beasley ’14
    Georgia Beasley ’02
    Jami Beasley Watkins ’01 and Matt Watkins
    Mary Beasley ’08
    The Beattie Family
    Betty Bellman
    Laura Bender
    Gladys Benedek
    David ’98 and Angela Benjamin
    Lauren Benton
    David Beraha
    Dalia and Steve Berman
    Jesse Bernstein
    The Bhardwaj Family
    Brett and Tracey Borrow
    The Borthakur Family
    Breakthrough Miami
    Gary Bressler
    Andy and Terri Broce
    Melanie Ink Broeker and Douglas Broeker
    Dan Bronish and Charles Lovett
    Samuel Brown and Roberta Lagrandeur
    Laura Buccellati ’88
    Barbara Byrne
    Mike Caban
    Jesus and Pamela Cabarcos
    Ruben Calderon
    The Calfa Family
    The Carballada Family
    Cariglio Family
    Rick and Cheryl Carne
    John Cartledge
    Laura Cayon
    The Cerutti Family
    Christine Chancy ’08
    The Chariff Family

    Caera Charles ’25
    Jerome and Tabitha Charles ’85
    Taegan Charles ’17
    Michael Chavies and Pamela Pride Chavies
    Lunel and Cathy Cherenfant
    Giselle Chirinos
    Martin and Egda Chirinos
    Daria Cirisano
    Cole Cellini Clancy
    Columbia C. Clancy ’11
    Conor Clancy ’04
    Roxana Colongo
    Candice and Stan Comstock
    Mari Conea
    Taylor Cooper ’19
    Michael ’98 and Amie Courtney ’00
    Fernando and Kimberly Crespo
    Ruth Cruz
    Jimmy Cudzilo
    Christian Davies ’07
    Harrison C. Davies ’09
    Karen Davis & Nick Athanassiadis
    Timothy Davis and Karin Stirk-Davis
    Lourdes de la Huerta
    The De Souza Family
    Inigo de Zabala and Eva Dalda
    Julio DeAracama
    Ingrid DeBlasio
    Jill Dellerson ’99
    Terry Dellerson and Marna Winter
    Ferreira de Melo
    Diaz Piloto Family
    Alexander Dombrowsky ’92 and
    Anna Blackman
    Michael and Carolyn Dorn
    Tyler Emerson-Dorsch and Brook Dorsch
    Noujan and Paule Ebrahimi
    Laurie Ehrenfeld
    The Eismont Family
    Michael Fallik
    Christine Felt
    The Fernandez de Castro Family
    The Ferreira de Melo Family
    Alejandro and Ana Espinal
    Claudia Figueredo ’90
    Michael and Renee Finny
    Gregory and Cilia Fishman
    Todd and Alice Florin
    Dessalines Francois
    The Fuller Family
    The Fulton Family
    Robert Straus Furlong
    Sheika Ganthier
    Nicola Garat
    Atalie K. Garcia
    The Garcia Family
    Rita L. Geer
    Jack and Lindsay George
    The Giacca Family
    Jaime Giraldo
    Susan and Tom Glick
    Golding & Savino Inc.
    Michael and Irma Goldstein
    Maria M. Gonzalez
    David and Melissa Greenberg
    Catherine Greene
    Jarret L. and Roxy Gross
    Marcos and Paola Gutt
    John Gynell and Laurie Malaga
    Kristin Hayes
    Francisco Hernandez and Gladys Arellano
    John Hernandez
    Brett Holland ’07
    Brenda Holsing
    Timothy Houser
    Michael Hutsko and Carroll Kelly
    Mikayla Hylton
    Anna Imperiale
    Tatiana and Alain Innocent
    Laila and Sarah Ishaq
    Chris and Jackie Ivory
    Vivek ’90 and Neha Iyengar
    Linda “Pops” Jarvis-Guerra
    Tarmo and Mamie Joeveer
    Sander Joeveer ’25
    Sha’Quan Johnson
    Julian and Julianna Johnston
    Jessicca Jones
    Louella Jones
    Brian Judge and Diana Garchitorena Judge
    Sanjay ’87 and Vicky Kamlani
    Betsy and Jeffrey Kaplan
    Fred Karlton
    Neisen ’69 and Ana Kasdin
    Brigida T. Keirn
    The Kent Family
    Ruth Polley Kettaneh
    Timur and Elvira Khismatullin
    Brenda Kilgore
    The Klein Amaral Family
    Jenny Knight and John Griffin
    Peter Konen and Marisol Sardina
    Achilles and Louisa Kontoyiannis
    Tiffany Kontoyiannis ’12
    Howard and Susan Kreger
    Helen and Ernesto Kunde
    Leigh Kurk
    Tara Lahens
    Arlet Lara
    Judson “Dino” Lacapra ’97
    Amanda Mammie Layne
    Clarisa Leal
    Simon Lee
    Michael and Donna Lenaghan
    Ellie Levy ’09
    Everett Levy ’16
    Scott and Jordanna Levy
    Mike Lewis
    Sandi Lewis
    Steven ’84 and Michelle Lewis
    Gregg and Elizabeth Lightfoot
    Susanna Caldwell Linfield
    Maria Lizama
    Claudia Londono
    David and Beth Long
    Kris Long
    Cary and Caryn Lubetsky
    Nina and Walter Lucchi
    Eileen Lugo
    Vanessa MacAdam
    Margaret and Stephen Mahoney
    Edward and Irene Mandel
    Marieugenia Marcano
    Francesta Marcelin
    Christian Martell
    Cynthia Gomez Martin
    Steve Mathes
    Alicia Matho
    Ria Maxwell and Eid Habib
    The Mayer-Perez Family
    Brian ’95 and MJ McCarthy
    MCDS Class of 2015
    MCDS Lower School
    MCDS Middle School
    Ian McGaffic and Donna Newman
    Ian and Avra McNamara
    Meaghan McNulty
    Jose Mellado and Ania Cabrerizo
    Ivan Mendoza ’94 and Ana Mendoza
    Cristian Miguez
    Leonardo Milanes
    Judy Mistor
    Russell Mofsky and Kristen McLean
    The Molina Family
    Brenda Mora
    Frederick Muhlig
    Camron Murphy ’06
    Mark Mutchnik and Erica Kent Mutchnik
    The Nagle Family
    Robert and Melissa Netkin
    Jacqueline Niang
    Yefim and Felicia Nivoro
    Mary Novas
    The Ogulnick Family
    Jo Ann J. O’Neill
    Fran Oppedisano
    Zachary Ordonez
    Jose Oronoz
    Ingrid Palmisano
    Robert and Jane Palmisano
    The Palop Family
    Phelana Pang ’93
    John Pantesco
    Julio and Nora Pardave
    Bryan and Michele Parizo
    Ines Pearson
    Fernando and Jenny Pedraza
    Jason and Katy Pelletier
    The Perez Family
    Raquel Pernas
    Kelly Pierce
    Walter and Danielle Pineda
    Helen McKay Piper ’07
    Margaret Ann Piper ’12
    Zachary Pitchman ’05
    Christopher Polite ’02
    Sean Polley ’96
    Maggie Prieto
    Maria Prieto
    Blaise Pronesti ’18
    The Pumo Family
    Alberto Puppin and Valentina Onesti
    The Quintero Malave Family
    Julio Ramos and Patricia Mond
    Jack and Dawn Rattner
    Steven Rattner ’87
    Yale Rattner ’21
    Brenton Raymond ’06
    Helen Rees
    Jeff and Julie Respler
    Hanni Rosenfeld Ress ’01 and Gavi Ress
    Paul and Doris Richards
    The Rivera Palacios Family
    Akbar Rizvi
    Jill and Pascal Robert
    David and Kristi Romanik
    Hiram Rosas
    Cynthia Rosenberg
    Ryan and Hollen Rosenberg
    Fredlyn Rosenfeld
    Mario Rumiano and Lizette Quimper
    Annika Rupp
    The Saffran Family
    Millie Sanchez
    Adriana Sandoval
    Nadine Scantlebury
    The Schimko Family
    Jessica Schnaider
    Mark and Sorela Schultz
    James and Karin Scott
    The Sennett Family
    Arden and Meribeth Shank
    Alicia Silva
    Carlos and Candida Silva
    The Skitnevsky Family
    Albert and Lydia Slezynger
    The Slocum Family
    Michael Slotnick
    Abraham and Michelle Smilowitz
    Jack Smith ’30
    Kierra Smith
    Marra and David Smith
    Sean Smith and Stephanie Denault Smith
    Gregory Sochacki
    Howard and Sharon Srebnick
    The Staszewski Family
    Howard and Joelle Steinberg
    John and Hope Steutel
    Jamael Stewart
    Daisy M. St. Louis
    Martha Stobs
    Elliot Stone and Bonnie Sockel-Stone
    Scott Stripling and Elizabeth Serrano
    Steven Strober
    Erik and Carolina Stromeyer
    Frederick Wayne and Cheryl Stromeyer
    Nolan Sutker
    Ian and Tiffany Tabatchnick
    Olive Tabatchnick
    Jane Tiffin
    Lance Tinkler ’01
    Tina and Paul Tolles
    Rhett and Stephanie Traband
    Dwight Tracy and Lele Toole-Tracy ’81
    Sophia Tranoris
    Stephanie Trump
    Glen Turf
    Linda and Larry Turf
    The Turk Family
    David Valdes
    Maria E. Valenzuela
    Tania Y. Vargas
    The Vento Family
    The Vieira Family
    Felipe Villamizar and Lina Buitrago
    Sandy Villamizar
    PJ Villoldo ’06
    Sam Villoldo ’09
    Romain Vinois ’21
    Mark and Greta Walker
    Alba V. Ward
    Kenneth Westlake
    Mark and Liliana White
    Elizabeth Whittington
    John Wicker
    David and Vanessa Wigoda
    Carly ’22 and Justin Williams ’25
    Eileen Wood
    Greg and Wendy Wyka
    Wen Cui Xu
    Alfredo Zayden
    The Zdanis Family
    Brenda Zelaya
    Leslie and Natalie Zigel
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