• Princess & Superhero Camp


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Princess & Superhero Camp

    • Princess & Superhero Camp


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Princess & Superhero Camp

Campers will create their very own show and demonstrate their inner Princess and Superhero powers live on stage!
Our Superheroes in Training will experience a highly active camp-day guided by the greatest lessons that classic superheroes have to offer. So whether your child gazes up, up, up into the sky or builds hideouts this is the perfect camp for them.
From Superheroes to Princesses your child will be sure to enjoy this camp. Children will have fun in art, music, voice, dance, acting, singing, story time and creative play. Let’s not forget about dressing up as your favorite Disney or Superhero character. Children will have indoor play time & splash day (sprinklers and scooter car wash).
    • Princess & Superhero Camp


    • Princess & Superhero Camp


    • Princess & Superhero Camp





July 5 - July 8


8:30am - 4:30pm



Additional Info

  • Lunch included. Please bring two daily snacks and a drink
  • Splash day (sprinklers and scooter car wash)

Pick Up / Drop Off Locations

Center for the Arts, 109th Street

Director Information

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