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Our students of all ages are empowered to take their ideas, products and businesses to the next level. We’ve built a dedicated program at Miami Country Day School for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E). ​

Students’ ideas flourish with the I.C.E Initiative through our one-on-one mentoring program, which is age-agnostic and thoroughly student-centric. ​​

The passionate involvement of mentors made up of our faculty, parents, and community members allows MCDS students to access the knowledge, time, and expertise that helps drive their ideas and projects onwards and upwards.

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Karen Davis Director, I.C.E Initiative
"There is nothing I find more rewarding or inspiring than helping a child pilot his passion into the stratosphere! The journeys our student “clients” have taken me on over the last 8 years include preparing for TED talks, interviews with prominent politicians from mayors to Presidents, and turning a non-profit business into an international powerhouse. Together we’ve learned about building better SlimeShops, the lucrative online sneaker business, how to drop an EP, create an eco-friendly wax for surfers that could stop algae from blooming and how to disrupt the hair salon industry. We’ve had film directors, Influencers and YouTubers, climate change activists, numbers crunchers and culinary wizards come through this program. They’ve all been changemakers, innovators and entrepreneurs, finding purpose through developing their own passions.​

I had no idea how deeply I would be affected by all these children and how much they would inspire me every day.  It’s been such a fantastic ride to see this program go from a handful of students who wanted to have a business club to more than 200 who have participated in one of our programs. I can’t wait to see where this year will lead!

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The Process

  • Be Inspired The first step is an inspiration. Students with blossoming ideas can explore their interests through the I.C.E. Initiative.
  • Get Started The process starts with students answering this questionnaire about their passions and what is driving their vision.
  • Welcome Letter Once students share their ideas, they will receive a welcome letter and consent form that will ensure that students, parents, and the director are all on the same page.
  • Parent Approval Having parental support is one of the keys to a child’s success in this program.
  • Interview This interview allows the director and the student to get to know each other and discuss how to turn dreams into reality

  • Define A Mentor Each student is paired with a mentor to help them take their idea to the next level. Some students work with multiple mentors as they move through their product development.


This is when the dream comes to life. Past Spartans entrepreneurs have built better SlimeShops, explored online sneaker sales, created an eco-friendly wax, and much more.

Take a Look at Spartan Entrepreneurs in Action!

I.C.E. has served over 200 students, growing from a small 1:1 mentoring program to one comprised of experiential academics, field trips, speakers, and interscholastic competitions.

The Year Ahead With MCDS Entrepreneurship

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  • December 2020

    The Spartan Cup Business Challenge & Innovator’s Showcase
  • First Semester

    Upper School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Course
  • Ongoing all year

    1:1 PK3-12
    Mentoring Program
  • Ongoing all year

    Lower School
    "Passion Projects”
  • Ongoing all year

  • Spring 2021

    INNOVATE South Florida Business Competition


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Become A Mentor

Mentors are a critical part of helping our young entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level. ​​

Mentors find that involvement in the program is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Our I.C.E. Initiative at MCDS was the first PK3-12 entrepreneurial program in the U.S. and has engaged more than 200 students to date.  ​​

For information or to sign up as a volunteer for the I.C.E. Initiative, click below we will contact you as soon as we can.
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