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Our Seniors are working hard on their path to graduation and we want to celebrate them. Get to know the Class of 2022 and make sure to explore the Senior pages!
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  • Silver Knight Awards

    The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards is one of the nation’s most highly regarded student awards programs. The purpose of this awards program is to recognize outstanding students who have not only maintained academic achievement but have also applied their special knowledge and talents to contribute to their schools and communities. Miami Country Day School has 7 nominees in 7 of the 15 categories this year. 
  • Sabrina Morata

    Category: Art
    Community Service Major Project:  Days for Girls
  • Davis Lubetsky

    Category: Athletics
    Community Service Major Project: The Childhood Cancer Project

    Davis has been a student at Miami Country Day School for fourteen years. He has always been tied to the outdoors and an active lifestyle. As a young athlete who was racing marathons by age 12 Davis found that people became very interested in talking about why he  ran and how he handled long distances at a young age. Davis quickly realized that this actually gave him  a platform and when a close friend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2016 he began to use athletics to make a difference. Davis said, “ I ran marathons, even an ultra 50 mile distance marathon and asked people to sponsor me per mile and the funds were donated to the childhood cancer project. I realized that this got a lot of attention so I started to ask others to join me and for the last 5 years I have been the captain of outrunning pediatric cancer. We field teams of runners at major marathons all over the country to run and raise money for pediatric cancers research. “These teams have raised 100’s of thousands of dollars which are now funding a sarcoma research trial at the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center, run by world renowned oncologist Jonathan Trent. The fact that pediatric cancer research has had little to no advances in the past 40 years motivated him . Davis shared, ” I simply knew that these families battling cancer deserve more and I knew I had to do all that I could to make an impact.” Doing all he could to make an impact has always been a major part of Davis’s life and In 2020 - while still the running for pediatric cancer - he took racing to a new  level and ran the Miami marathon while pushing Kerry Gruson, a quadriplegic, in her wheelchair through the entire 26.2 mile course. This was a grueling but indescribable experience that showed the world that when two people who seemingly have nothing in common on the outside come together, anything is possible Davis has maintained over 200 hours of community service per year while balancing that with his duties as the captain of both the cross country and lacrosse teams, 2 jobs, life guarding and teaching lacrosse weekly while maintaining a 4.5 cumulative gpa in all honors and AP classes.
  • Sophia Brod

    Category: Business                      
    Community Service Major Project: GoodHood Club

    As a freshman at Miami Country Day School, Sophia always had the desire to start a community service club. She brought the GoodHood Club to MCDS in the year 2019, and it stemmed from her best friend Eloise, a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor.  Eloise decided to make a clothing brand in honor of her cancer treatment.  She  created the “GoodHood Club''. Sophia then proceeded to make a Miami Country Day School Chapter.  The club sells crew neck sweaters to all Miami Country Day School faculty and staff and 50% of the proceeds go directly to the Childhood Cancer Project, an organization that raises money for cancer research. In addition to this, GoodHood also has a website, www.goodhoodclub.com, where there are more loungewear sets to purchase. Sophia made a huge impact on MCDS by getting dozens of students involved in the organization. Sophia said, “knowing that all of my hard work goes to cancer research lightens my mood each time I think about it”Sophia is currently working on creating new sweatshirt designs, boosting their social media presence, and organizing community outreach events.
  • Carly Williams

    Category: English
    Community Service Major Project: Achieve Miami

    Carly began her journey with Achieve Miami in 8th grade. When she attended her first Achieve Saturday, Carly was amazed by the genuine connections between the little buddies and big buddies. From then on, Carly knew this was something she wanted to pursue for all long as possible. After going to only a couple Achieve Saturdays, Carly made her own connection with her little buddy, Allison. After noticing how influential She was in Allison’s life, Carly made it a point to attend every Achieve Saturday and help her improve her reading and writing skills.During her junior year, Carly became President of the Achieve Miami club at MCDS and held grow the club to one of the largest at MCDS. She has planned holiday gift bags for over 250 families that attend Achieve Miami food drives. This year, Carly has brought and initiated the pilot program to MCDS, which includes a pen pal project, adopting a class, and holiday activity project.
  • Malini Kamlani

    Category: Music & Dance
    Community Service Major Project: We Dance for Change

    As a Freshman, Malini started building We Dance for Change (WDFC), an organization that inspires social change through dance. As a sophomore, she worked to obtain 501(c)3 status; We Dance for Change is currently a nonprofit organization. Throughout her high school career, Malini has continued to grow WDFC, producing several successful dance productions both virtual and in-person. So far, WDFC has focused on climate change and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and is moving forward to issues of gun violence. Last year, Malini led We Dance for Change through its first live, in-person event titled Unity in Diversity.
  • Joshua Respler

    Category: Social Science
    Community Service Major Project: Achieve Miami

    Josh was introduced to Achieve Miami as a Freshman, and has enthusiastically been participating in the program ever since his first Achieve Saturday. With little experience working with kids beforehand, he appreciated the goal and work of the program. But most importantly, he really enjoyed making an impact on these kids and found himself looking forward to the next opportunity to get involved. As Josh said, “being with some of the same little buddies for all four years of high school has been very enriching; seeing the great progress they have achieved since the time I met them makes me proud to give my time to such a wonderful organization”.  Having been a reputable volunteer at Achieve for countless hours, he continues to work with little buddies during Saturdays and summers and is in progress of creating a fishing club within the organization.
  • Isabel Bravo-Contreras

    Category: World Languages
    Community Service Major Project: RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services)

Career Day

Watch out world! MCDS Seniors are preparing for what comes next. Career Day is a tradition where our Seniors have the opportunity to hear personal stories from professionals. Thank you to everyone who spoke to the class of 2022.
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