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Our Strategic Action Plan
has 3 focus areas:

School Life and Community Experience

The three defined goals are: Create The Infrastructure, No Place For Hate, Strengthen Our Care And Support
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Working towards our goals

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Goals for School Life and Community Experience

    • Equality


Lower school
PK 3-5th grade
Middle school
6th-8th grade
Upper school
9th-12th grade
Teachers, Administrators, Staff
Family, Friends, School Partnership, Parent/Guardian, Alumni
School Administrators
Guardian of the School’s mission and financial sustainability

Goal: Create an infrastructure that supports the importance of DEI work at the highest leadership levels of the Institution

All members of our community must have the capacity to engage in a manner that demonstrates fluency and strong capabilities to address matters of race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Establish cultural competence and an antiracist culture among all school leadership, faculty, staff, and students through continued, mandatory training, professional development, and education in antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, facilitating more conversations to evaluate and understand privileges, implicit biases, and positionality.

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  • A New Mission Statement
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    New Mission launch April 2021
    As the school has evolved and recognized the importance of belonging in a space where every student is known, so has the mission statement. In a recent update to the strategic plan, Miami Country Day School's mission statement has changed to the following and will be slowly rolled out over the next academic year:
    “Our mission is to empower every student, every day, everywhere to learn deeply, explore with purpose, strive for excellence, and serve with honor, respect, and compassion as global citizens. We do this in a community where every student is known and included by engaging the whole child, in and out of the classroom as they discover their full potential.” Our Values: Purpose – Respect – Compassion – Honor – Wisdom
  • Creation of the Board of Trustees’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
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    August 2020. The committee meets once a month. The Diversity Committee of the Board is responsible for ensuring continuing Board and institutional progress toward the intentions of Miami Country Day School’s strategic plan, board goals concerning diversity, equity and inclusion, and the Head of School’s work plan objectives that focus on opportunity and equitable student success. The Diversity Committee of the Board is kept apprised of the school DEI priorities and processes as well as the school’s implementation of programs and initiatives. The committee works with the Head of School to establish strategies and resources to support the school to advance its goals related to DEI. The committee works with school leaders in DEI to ensure that board members are familiar with and able to represent to community stakeholders the on-going efforts underway at the school (e.g. cultural competency trainings, professional and faculty development work in DEI, Social Justice workshops, etc.). General responsibilities:
    • Understand and create a commitment to the school’s identified goals concerning DEI.
    • Assist the Board in incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into Board goals and priorities.
    • Nurture a collaborative culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion through discussing issues in a meeting environment that respects and values divergent points of view while being careful to avoid patterns of power and privilege that contribute to the chilling of free expression.
    • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, as are deemed appropriate by the Head of School and the Diversity Committee of the Board members.
  • Campus Group Work:“Be a Racial Ally”
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    March 2021.The group meets once a month.
    To advance racial equity, there is work for white people and people of color to do separately and together. This work group provides a space for people to work within their own racial/ethnic groups. For white allies, this group provides time and space to work explicitly and intentionally on understanding white culture and white privilege and to increase one’s critical analysis around these concepts. This group also puts the responsibility on white people to teach each other about these ideas, rather than placing a burden on people of color to teach them.
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Goal: Foster a culture that promotes respect, instills responsibility to uphold our core values, and enables students and adults to speak up against inequity.

Miami Country Day is grounded in the core value of respect, and compassion in a community where every student is known and included in their unique ideas and beliefs. There is no place for hate in our school community.
In addition to our existing nondiscrimination and diversity policies, we adopted an antiracism policy and community standards to explicitly state our intolerance of behaviors that compromise the experience of any community member.

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Goal: Strengthen our care and support for students and community members impacted by systemic racism and any discrimination based (but not limited to) age, ethnicity, and race, family status, gender, geographic origin, learning styles, mental or physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.

Developing our support groups across campus to propose actions that lead to culture and climate improvements.

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