Breakthrough is mission-driven.

Breakthrough Miami provides an academic enrichment program that uses a students-teaching-students model to ensure that motivated middle-school students have access to excellent high-school opportunities, graduate from high school on time, and attend college. By using this model, we manage to create mentorships for our current scholars. The volunteers for the Breakthrough program come from all around Miami Dade and even from our own backyard at Miami Country Day School.

The mentoring program we offer links all of the participants of Breakthrough Miami to each other while students offer younger students wisdom, guidance, and help create a plan that's synonymous with the Breakthrough vision. Our mentor’s at Breakthrough help provide a plan that will allow students to graduate high school on time and continue on to any post-secondary educational opportunity that aligns with the student's life goals.

Breakthrough's mission is uncompromising.

All who work in the program - director, office assistant, teacher, or tutor must embrace and believe in it. The host institution for every program must also believe and embrace Breakthrough’s mission. Only then will Breakthrough’s work remain focused.

Breakthrough believes in academic excellence for all of its students.

Breakthrough wants students to be leaders in our society, and a quality education is an essential tool for future leaders. To prepare students, Breakthrough offers them a program that exposes them to high-level thinking and challenging material, yet also concentrates on basic skills. Breakthrough makes a commitment to an accelerated program for all students, including those who are behind in some subject areas.

Miami Country Day School and Breakthrough Miami

Since 2011 Miami Country Day School has been proud partners with Breakthrough Miami. The mission of Breakthrough Miami is to inspire and encourage talented, motivated middle school students to enter and thrive in top college preparatory high school programs and graduate from college. The program is equally focused on promoting careers in education for the outstanding high school and college students who teach, tutor, and mentor in Breakthrough Miami's summer institute and school year program.

For more information about the Breakthrough Miami program, visit their website.

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  • Spring 2019 Schedule

    1/13 - Breakthrough Saturday
    1/20 - Breakthrough Saturday
    2/3 - Breakthrough Miami 5k
    2/17 - Breakthrough Miami Career Day
    3/10 - Breakthrough Saturday
    3/17 - College Bound Preview Day
    4/7 - Breakthrough Saturday
    4/14 - 8th Grade Celebration

Breakthrough Miami - By the Numbers

“Being a scholar at Breakthrough has changed me for the better. I will forever be grateful. Since starting this program my goals seem like they’re easier to reach. Thank you so much for this program and making me feel right at home.” - Maria S. Breakthrough Miami 8th Grader
"Over the past three summers, I have taught a sixth grade English class, an eighth-grade math class, and also created a lacrosse elective for the scholars that I taught with my brother during the one-hour elective period after lunch. Being lucky enough to go a private school abundant with resources and opportunity, I gave some of the tools that I have been given to the Breakthrough scholars." - John S. Class of 2018
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Every Student. Every Day.

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