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Our model UN team attended Yale University's conference

Please join us in congratulating the Upper School Model UN team members who attended Yale University's conference from Thursday through today. 
It was great to watch them in action, proposing, debating, collaborating, strategizing behind the scenes, getting to know each other and their peers better and, most of all, having fun. Whether reorganizing a more just afterlife in The Good Place (Scout Hudson - Cassie), bringing innovation to sustainable water management and transportation planning (Leyka Rojo -Portugal), addressing narcotics production in Afghanistan (head delegate Michael Puglise,- Portugal), building more sustainable and resilient coastal communities (Arianna Castellon - Denmark), or developing a World Bank research group for growth and sustainability in agricultural development (Amina Bilalova - Iraq), our six stalwart delegates went the distance. Representing France on the Administrative and Budgetary Committee re. UN Peacekeeping, Isaac Brown received Honorable Delegate recognition. 
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