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Student Alexis Kaplan Quoted in the New York Times

We are extremely proud of our high school student, Alexis Kaplan of our words, so eloquently written and now featured in the following New York Times article:

How Much Does Having a ‘Dream Job' Matter to You? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

See her full comment below:
"As a teenager, I know that we are frequently asked what we want to do in our futures. This type of question can feel very pressuring - not everybody has several details of their future life formulated at a younger age. I do currently have a plan for what I want to do in college and past it, but I am not bogging myself down into that career. There is so much that life may constantly offer me, and I never know what new passions I may discover or which new paths I might go down. Because of this, I agree with the suggestion that “employment is not the only avenue through which to derive meaning in life.” Just because a person has a strong interest in something does not mean that it’s meant to be their career. Life should be more focused on taking time to discover something that truly works for you in the way that you need it to rather than being obsessed with having a plan and the ability to label yourself as successful. There is no problem with having a set dream job, but society tends to make it feel like your life could be a disaster if you don’t have an ideal plan. Some people who have dream jobs may be choosing them because the specific job would be appealing to society rather than appealing to themselves personally. Life should be an open book allowing people to further explore their passions to whatever extent they need - as long as you are living comfortably and happily, your life can be personally ideal, and you will never have needed a dream job in the first place."
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