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Upper School Thespians

We are so proud of our Upper School Thespians who competed virtually this season with awesome results in the SE Regional Florida Thespian Conference! You might even say their results were SUPERIOR!
Our district is one of the most difficult in the high school division because it has over 40 schools competing and within them are art magnet schools, art conservatory programs as well as public, private, and independent schools. This year was the HARDEST competition season ever because instead of competing against just within our district we competed against THREE districts in the first-ever Regional Conference! We are swelling with Spartan Pride because we have BROKEN ALL OF OUR OWN RECORDS!
This year Top Honors is the highest-ranked event in all of Dade, Broward, and Monroe! Top Honors is the highest numerical score in an event.  Our school received THREE TOP HONORS (best in the three districts)- the most ever in the history of our troupe!
Daniel Fruman received Top Honors for Costume Design.
Natalia Socarras received Top Honors for Makeup Design.
Johanna DeGori and Camille Nooney received Top Honors for Duet Acting.
And the amazing news doesn’t stop there! MANY OF OUR SUPERIORS received one to two PERFECT scores (30) from the judges. We had 30 students competing in 33 events ranging from Solo musical, ensemble acting scenes, makeup design, and more.
25 events received SUPERIORS!!!! (the highest amount of Superiors (first place) we have ever received!) AND 8 EXCELLENTS! All this with 9 new Thespians this year! All of our students placed! The ranking is Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.
We are so incredibly proud of ALL the Thespians! Please join us in celebrating their incredible efforts!
Please join us in congratulating the following students:
  • Gabriela Abramowitz
  • Nina Lardi
  • Charlie Leoni
  • Zoey Arnold
  • Pedro Silva
  • Samantha Goldsmith
  • Mildred Waxman
  • Chiara Bruzzi
  • Michael Port
  • Kaylee Parizo
  • Ana Laura Muniz Rodriguez
  • Marley Borrow
  • Johanna De Gori
  • Camille Nooney
  • Erin Rubens
  • Isabella Tangioni
  • Nico De La Cadena
  • Felipe Bautista
  • Daniel Fruman
  • Zachary Arnold
  • Mariapia Onorato
  • Tyra Cooper-Williams
  • Natalia Socarras
  • Kitty Simmons
  • Sophia Tilis
  • Olivia Brennan
  • Leyla Fernandez
  • Carmen Serrano-Biggles
  • Blake Batchelder
  • Esther Ohev-Zion
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