I.C.E. Initiative

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.) Initiative is an unprecedented PK3-12 platform begun in 2013 at Miami Country Day School, based on our unwavering belief in the power of our students to imagine, innovate and lead. This wholly student centric model is intended to support the successful development of the students’ entrepreneurial endeavors by connecting them with faculty, alumni, parent and community mentors who can share their knowledge and help the students bring their ideas, projects and dreams to reality.
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Director of I.C.E. Initiative

Mission Statement

The I.C.E Initiative exists to help and support students identified as entrepreneurial to catapult their ideas, products and businesses to the next level.

We accomplish this by giving students the opportunity to develop their practical business skills, access to mentors and community leaders and exposure to financial and investment opportunities.

Phases of an I.C.E. Project

Phase 1 — Formulate
You've got an idea and need to put it down on paper. Use this time to flesh out your concept, talk to people, look at the market and competition.

Phase 2 — Propose
Now that you've completed some background research and started to put your ideas down on paper, fill out the online application.

Phase 3 — Interview
Once your proposal has been submitted, you'll be invited to an interview to discuss and pitch your project.

Phase 4 — Mentor Assignment
A successful interview will move your project to the next phase where we will work to match you with an expert in the area you need the most guidance for success. Your mentor may not know about the specifics of your project, but they will have the skills necessary to assist you with reaching your goals.

Phase 5 — Review
Every good project has some review process; but to make your project great, you and your mentor will develop a constant review plan to ensure that you are getting the most from your participation in the I.C.E. Initiative, and that you are on track with your project goals.

Why Parent Involvement is Key

Entrepreneurs of every age need the support of the families to be there through the ups and downs every new venture will undoubtedly encounter. Parent involvement does not mean financial support, it means encouraging and nurturing your child’s passion with emotional and physical support. Parents may need to help their child manage his/her schedule to balance school work and time needed for the business, drive the student to and from events/meetings, and just be there when your child faces the inevitable challenges of a new business. Falling down is part of the process and the I.C.E. students will need the support of their parents and friends to endure when they face challenges.

Student Spotlights

Lucas Bacardi Shriftman (4th grade) premiered his film, "Super Size Thanks" to an audience of about 30 people. He'll be holding another screening in Los Angeles. Lucas has been working on this project through the ICE initiative for two and a half years.

Felipe Bautista, 6th Grader, a “client” with aspirations to become an international journalist, has been actively working on a podcast with Yong Zhao as his mentor. He will be going to Mexico with Yong and a group of MCDS teachers in November and will document the trip in a video.

Zoe Terry, has grown her non-profit organization Zoe’s Dolls to be able to distribute to tens of thousands of girls in need of dolls. Through being paired with mentors over the last few years through the ICE Initiative, she recently completed a book called “Simply Zoe” and is working hard to create a for-profit division to manufacture dolls. This year, Zoe has spoken at the U.N. in New York, was celebrated by Hasbro and has just been named one of four Halo Recipients by Nickelodeon, in a ceremony which will be televised next month.

Upper School student Daniel Gallup came to I.C.E. wanting to get to know the music biz better. He also dreamed of making a demo for his burgeoning music career. We hooked him up with two mentors: a former SONY executive and a faculty member Pascal Robert, who is both a musician and an audio engineer in his spare time. The pair has spent hours working in the studio together. We are looking forward to hearing the demo they produced.

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