Comprehensive Outdoor Education Program (COEP)

COEP will challenge students in three major areas: academic skills, outdoor and physical tasks, and individual and group leadership development. The goals and expectations of COEP are to complement and enhance traditional education by offering hands-on experience in life skills that will provide the student necessary tools to meet the challenges of the 21st century. COEP is based on implementing and combing three core areas of development during a school year, using a daily standard class schedule.
The curriculum utilizes areas including camping and backpacking skills, orienteering (using a compass), first aid, and survival skills. Sub-areas are local, state and national history with an emphasis on recreational land usage, environmental and ecological issues, zoological and botanical studies, journal writing and development of individual interests in related areas, like literature, art of photography. COEP is a year-long course developing field experience through weekend trips that actively develop individual and group skills. The major objective of COEP is to develop and enhance leadership, teamwork, and individual goals.

COEP in Lower School

Students in Grade 5 are introduced to COEP as a once-a-week enrichment class. Students receive an introduction to outdoor skills such as map reading, compas navigation, camping, and fishing. We also explore Florida wildlife and the Leave no Trace Philosophy. 5th Grade students are offered two day trips each year to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and the Loxahatchee River Center.

COEP in Middle School

COEP is offered in Grade 6 (Rangers), Grade 7 (Navigators), and Grade 8 (Pathfinders) during the school year as an elective. These classes are graded in the same manner as any Middle School course. The COEP three week treks that take place during the summer are fully paid for by the participants and are adventure-based treks. No grades are assigned to students who participate in the summer treks.

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