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Why Impact Studio

IS is a pioneering academic program that empowers you to take your learning experience beyond the limits of school walls.
  • Are you an independent learner who thrives in flexible environments?
  • Naturally curious about the world around you?
  • Do you want to be a partner in designing and directing the learning process ?
  • Are you eager to focus on your passions and make an impact?

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Make an impact.

A program dedicated to...

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Graduate as a confident and independent learner.

Multi-faceted & Interdisciplinary

Learning is student driven and draws from both within and across disciplines.


Use your motivations, curiosities and interests to develop your sense of purpose.

Anywhere & Anytime

Adaptable scheduling supports learning in studio, online, in person and in field experiences.


Integrate community into your educational experience inside the school and outside the walls of the school through collaborative teamwork.


Travel — regional, national, and international — as a core part of your experience.

An IS Student is...

Ready To Lead Their Own Path

Independent and self-directed, they are willing to lead and focus on areas they are passionate about.
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      They have a natural curiosity and are risk-takers, excited to pioneer a new learning experience in and out of the classroom. 

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      Empathetic and compassionate, they care deeply about local and global issues. They are open-minded and respect all people, ideas and beliefs.

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      Using their creativity, they aim to be effective communicators and problem solvers.

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      At first glance, Mary seems to be your typical, traditional student. With an eye on entrance to elite colleges she is aware of the academic path she has to take and plans to challenge herself academically as much as possible. However, Mary has a passion for food and environmental sustainability issues and believes that work in this area combined with Impact Studio’s advanced credit opportunities will provide her with a transcript that allows colleges to know her beyond grades, course titles, and test scores. She wants to use the IS program to help her standout as a compassionate young woman who believes everyone is entitled to have access to nutritious and healthy foods. She wants to take advantage of learning more about how food is produced in South Florida, the state, and how this compares with other national and international agricultural regions. Mary wants to continue her work with the violin by being part of MCDS’ EBO program and has an idea for a personal studio experience focused on developing a concert to raise money for food related issues.

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      Kiko has a passion for learning about global issues and coding. As a native speaker of Japanese, she has decided to earn advanced language credit by sitting for the AP Japanese exam in May. However, to help her expand her interest in knowledge of language, she has decided to self-study Hindi during her time in the Impact Studio program. This will allow her to combine language study with service travel to India where she plans to extend her personal studio project on helping young girls and women use coding for small business development by volunteering with a non-profit organization in India. Kiko loves independent learning and plans to use her time in Impact Studio to pursue foundational and advanced credits in the arts, technology, entrepreneurialism, and the classics.

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      As a skilled artist and lacrosse player, Juan has enrolled in Impact Studio because he wants extra time in his high school years to develop skills to be a graphic designer. He believes that graphic design is a form of communication that can effectively speak to large groups of people around a variety of issues. As an avid fisherman, Juan plans to combine his two interests to set up a campaign for protecting our local waters while raising awareness around overfished species and controversial fishing practices. As a member of the MCDS lacrosse team, Juan has decided to travel this summer with the MCDS GATEway program in Nice,France so he can experience learning about European art and how it can apply to graphic design. He also plans to do summer research on fishing populations and the commercial fishing industry in the Mediterranean Sea.

Leading The Academic Experience

A college preparatory experience with learning focused in these areas

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Purpose & Citizenship

Be curious, motivated, and interested in propelling one self forward in order to positively impact the world as a leader and by being self & globally aware.

Create & Innovate

Arts, Technology, Business, Group Studio, Personal Studio and much more.

Knowledge & Understanding

Achieve academic excellence through challenging coursework and unique learning experiences.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Observe, analyze, hypothesize, and develop models in order to transfer knowledge from classroom to life.

Effective Communication

Be clear, truthful, purposeful, and effective in communicating across all media.
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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson