Our Team

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  • John Gatti

    Impact Studio Teacher for Arts Integration
    John is passionate about interdisciplinary learning and has found that integrating the arts with other content areas can be instrumental in helping students develop intrinsic motivation and can serve as a more holistic approach to learning. As an art teacher, John’s goal is to help students cultivate, nourish and develop their own innate creative abilities, providing skills and strategies that encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving, through promoting discovery, play and exploration. John has a BFA in interdisciplinary fine arts from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, a masters in Art Ed with a focus in childhood development from Brooklyn College and has been teaching art in New York independent day schools since 2016. Outside of teaching and making art, John is enthusiastic about many things, including regenerative agriculture, sustainability, cooking, kundalini yoga, biking, kayaking and spending time in the sun with his wife Emily and dog Stella.
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  • Robert Getz

    Lead Designer: Studio and Community-based Learning
    Rob is an avid adventurer and explorer whether on land or below water. As an instructor and technical Scuba diver, Rob loves to introduce people to a world unseen by many. When above water, one of Rob’s favorite magical places is the Rupununi area of Guyana, The Land of the Giants. He volunteers for Eiripan, a Guyanaese non-profit dedicated to increasing access to education for indigenous villages in the Rupununi.
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  • Lindsy Hanono

    Lead Designer: Curriculum, Teaching, and Assessment
    Mrs. Hanono is passionate about learning that is visible in the real world— whether that be in a traditional setting or beyond the four walls of a classroom. Some of these real-world learning experiences that Mrs. Hanono holds as foundational to her own identity include explorations of the water crisis in California, immigration in Israel, and food insecurity in urban areas of Los Angeles. Mrs. Hanono holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary English Education and Counseling Psychology. In her free time, Mrs. Hanono enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and dogs on their dragon fruit farm!
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  • Lara Oehlert

    Lead Designer: Self-directed Learning
    Ms. Oehlert fell in love with travel and language after moving to France at 19. She is bilingual in French/English and has travelled extensively throughout the world. She is also passionate about the outdoors and has a certification in Wilderness Leadership. When she is not travelling or teaching, she volunteers with a local animal rescue.
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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson