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Outcomes with an Impact

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  • Personalized for Self-Direction

  • Meaningful Experiences

  • Student-Centered Learning

  • Impactful Outcomes

    • IS Home Outcomes


    • IS Home Outcomes


    • IS Home Outcomes


    • IS Home Outcomes


    • IS Home Outcomes


At the heart of the Impact Studio experience is the focus on connecting learning to real life in order for it to be meaningful and relevant.


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  • Food:

    Sustainability, Security, & Accessibility
  • Home:

    A gathering place to learn, live, and grow

Meaningful travel experiences

Impact Studio learning is designed to tap into all levels of travel to give students the opportunities on local, regional, national, and international levels.

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  • Smoky Mountains

  • Guyana

  • Local & Regional?Opportunities

Academic Overview

We believe learning can happen in the classroom, studio, online, and in any given place..

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  • Adaptable Scheduling – A “Mod”ularized Approach

    To provide students with the opportunity to balance rigorous, personalized education with opportunities to learn in both studio and on location, Impact Studio utilizes five learning periods of roughly 32 days.
  • Mods, not Credits

    1 Mod = 1 Credit. Students may move at a pace appropriate for their learning, but they should also complete at least three (3) modules each tear for each of the core subject areas.
  • Student Driven –Subject Matter

    Students can personalize their learning as much as possible when it is possible. While many of these opportunities will lie in studio and elective study, there are times when core subjects will also allow for some degree of personalization.
  • Achieving Advanced and College Distinction

    Advance and college level distinction is earned through achievement and not time spent in a course. This opens the opportunity to all students to determine when seeking advanced and college distinction is right for their learning journey.
  • 2022-23 Impact Studio Course Offerings

    Impact Studio utilizes a blended approach to learning. We believe learning can happen in the classroom, studio, online, and in any given place.
  • Required Electives

    Impact Studio students are required to take at least 4 mods of Art to meet the upper school graduation requirement.
  • Electives

    Students may choose from any of the following exciting elective options to complete their Choice Electives. Impact Studio Students must complete a minimum of 8 mods of Choice Electives over their four years.

Impact Studio Campus Connections

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  • Garner Center For Innovation

    Using design thinking principles, students and teachers work to bring hands-on, design, and interactive projects to life.
  • Theater

    Upper School holds auditions for a musical, a play, and a Theater for Social Change production yearly. Auditions are open to all Upper School students.
  • Athletics

    Our athletics help to foster team-building skills, problem-solving skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence. The program also promotes a healthy lifestyle with physical activity. Practice is every day after school during each season.
  • College Counseling

    We believe in a personalized approach that seeks to maximize the admission opportunities of every student

A program dedicated to...

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Graduate as a confident and independent learner.

Multi-faceted & Interdisciplinary

Learning is student driven and draws from both within and across disciplines.


Use your motivations, curiosities and interests to develop your sense of purpose.

Anywhere & Anytime

Adaptable scheduling supports learning in studio, online, in person and in field experiences.


Integrate community into your educational experience inside the school and outside the walls of the school through collaborative teamwork.


Travel — regional, national, and international — as a core part of your experience.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson