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Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging

Portrait of a Global Citizen

We have long understood the value of the saying, “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,” as a way of understanding the other, showing empathy, and having concern for our fellow humans.  Whether it be through travel to distant lands or a one-on-one conversation with a classmate on a bench under a tree, the Office of Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging strives to foster cultural understanding and meaningful dialog on topics that affect us all.  In an effort to support Miami Country Day School’s mission of creating Global Citizens, the Portrait of a Global Citizen serves as our north star and framework for the valuable programs we offer to our community.  
A Global Citizen works to understand their role and responsibility in the world, accepts that their actions have an impact on the interconnected global community, and strives to embrace cultural norms by demonstrating resilience through discomfort.  As a steward of sustainability, a global citizen understands they have a responsibility to the planet and its people.  Privilege is a gift, and a global citizen uses it to benefit others.  Characteristics of a global citizen include, but are not limited to, being:  
  • Open-minded and appreciative of cultural diversity
  • Independent, yet able to work cooperatively 
  • Skilled in conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Empathetic of and compassionate toward others
  • Appreciative of “the other”
Miami Country Day School is one of only seven schools nationally to be accredited with the prestigious Global Standards Endorsement by the Global Educators Benchmark Group.  After having undergone a lengthy and in-depth analysis of its global education program including curriculum, risk management, leadership, mission, and vision, the school was awarded with this honor in the spring of 2021.  This accreditation sets Miami Country Day School apart from its peers in the field of global education and demonstrates the commitment we have toward helping our students to become global citizens, as well as to ensuring access and equity to a variety of globally-minded programs.
We invite you to come along with us on the journey of understanding, openness, and belonging.  
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