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The Learning Resources Program (LRP)

Learning Resources Mission

Our Learning Resource Program embraces that there are all kinds of minds and that we all learn differently. This program is for students with documented learning differences, believing in the potential of all students by recognizing and celebrating their learning intelligences. The program provides a personalized learning/teaching environment that is student-centered with innovative teaching approaches.
We place emphasis on cultivating learning skills designed to develop the executive functions of the brain. Self-advocacy training is an integral part of the curriculum to promote self-esteem and confidence. We prepare graduates for a college or university education that matches their needs and abilities. Students find success by cultivating their talents, interests and passions. 
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Who We Serve 

Our Learning Resources Program opened in 2000 to meet the needs of students with average to superior intelligence and creativity that have documented learning differences. We offer the program to middle and upper school students for grades six through twelve.

The main areas of exceptionality served include: 
  • Language-based disabilities – reading/dyslexia
  • Written language weaknesses 
  • Nonverbal learning challenges 
  • Mathematics - Dyscalculia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity
Our goal is to meet the needs of students who require a smaller environment for maximum learning and to prevent attrition of these students by providing services that meet their educational needs. This benefits the entire school community by attracting students with unique gifts and talents to Miami Country Day School. 

The program develops personal and intellectual strengths that enable students to succeed by emphasizing self-advocacy and preparing students for a college or university education suitable to their needs and abilities.
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Essential Elements of the Program: Keys to Success

  • Small classes with 9:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Personalized programs
  • Strategies for setting goals, self-monitoring and developing personal responsibility
  • Parent support and education
  • Self-advocacy training and training to promote self-esteem 
  • Close coordination with the college guidance program
  • Parent coffees which spotlight areas of interest
  • Integrated computer technology
Our classrooms engage students in the discovery of information more effectively by promoting student inquiry and critical thinking skills through methods including:
  • The teacher as a “Guide on the Side” 
  • A multi-sensory approach (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) 
  • Formative assessments (re-teaching, spiraling curriculum, revision, depth of learning, alternative forms of assessment) 
Course Content & Methodology 
  • Courses focus on the same concepts and skills as other college preparatory courses
  • Material is taught through a multi-sensory approach
  • Project-based activities help students apply knowledge to real world situations
  • Assessment is multi-dimensional: traditional and authentic
  • Emphasis placed on study skills, organizational skills and time management components designed to develop the executive functions of the brain

List of college acceptances

  • Allegheny College
  • American University
  • Arizona State University
  • Barry University
  • Colorado State University
  • Emmanuel College
  • Fisher College
  • Flagler College
  • Guilford College
  • High Point University
  • Hult International Business School London
  • Indiana University at Bloomington
  • Johnson & Wales University (North Miami)
  • Lesley University
  • Loyola University New Orleans
  • Lynn University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Oglethorpe University
  • Rollins College
  • Saint Leo University
  • Saint Louis University
  • Stetson University
  • Syracuse University
  • Temple University
  • The University of Arizona
  • The University of Tampa
  • Tulane University
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of Denver
  • University of Hartford
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Washington and Jefferson College
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology
“After having a very difficult 6th grade in the regular program, Daniela’s immersion in the LRP was a life changing experience.   She found a place where her intellect had an interested audience. Her teachers appreciated her ideas and contributions. She needed to learn differently and she found a safe place to expand her hunger for knowledge.  In addition to enjoying the learning experience, she found nurturing teachers that won her admiration. She also found true good friends. Daniela is now being pursued by several top colleges. They all want a brilliant young adult who learns and sees the world through a different lens. The LRP transformed Daniela’s life.  She is the product of the Learning Resources Program. We will be forever grateful!”
Nora & Loren
“The Learning Resources Program has been a vital support system during this vulnerable time in my life, and I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far without it. With smaller class size and teachers trained in learning differences, I was able to feel socially & intellectually safe.
The Learning Resources Program has been such an amazing part of our daughter’s education. Before entering the program, our daughter was anxious, stressed in school, and had low confidence in her academic abilities. The teachers in the LRP program have taught to Juliette’s strengths and have nurtured and encouraged her . Thanks to this, Juliette is reading at grade level, has become a gifted writer, and is a happy and confident child. We could not have done this without the talented and creative LRP faculty who have provided our daughter individualized instruction and who have used novel teaching methods to help her succeed. We believe that the LRP is such an asset to the MCDS community and that it serves as an important model for future educational innovation .
Gigi Jeffries, Parent
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