The Beacon Commencement

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  • Ryan Finvarb's 2018 Commencement Valedictorian Address

    “Whatever you do, do NOT apply to Wharton. You’ll never get in.” Words uttered by none other than Penn Alumni, current Penn students, past Wharton applicants, my grandparents, and even my own college counselor – don’t worry Sardina, I knew it wasn’t personal! Quite unbelievably now, these are the exact words that I wrote to begin my college admissions essay for Wharton. I had committed college suicide, and the only consolation I had was that I could change my other applications. When I reflect back on the decision to begin my application to Wharton this way I imagine an analogous approach to other things in life like a first date or job interview and I cringe a lot on the inside. “You know, I don’t really think you’re going to hire me, but I put on a suit so I’m going to do the interview anyway.” or worse, “I don’t really think this relationship is going to work out, but let’s just wing it – I mean maybe I’m wrong, probably not, but still, I mean I guess. Here, I am at the point of no return. What do I have to lose?” I know these discouragements were meant to protect me from the grave disappointment associated with defeat. These proverbial words of wisdom were expressed to ensure that I’d survive to succeed unscathed, but I have a different perspective…. Since I was going to reach anyway, what I did was I assembled those people cautioning me to break my fall, should I have failed.
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  • L.B Sommers Alumni Award for Distinguished Community Service, Kelly Creeden ‘93 Remarks

    All I ever wanted to do for as long as I can remember is help people and create positive change in the world. That’s it. It started here at Country Day and after I left here it manifested in incredible ways. Ways, I can tell you without hesitation, I didn’t even know were possible.

    For example, the reason I decided to help bring We Days to the United States was because of my experience at Country Day. As you heard, when I was a junior in high school, I became interested in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. When I shared my interest, I was very fortunate to have friends, parents and a teacher who said if this is something you care about…go do something.

    Make a difference.
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