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Abess Center for Environmental Studies

Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence in Environmental Education


Abess Center for Environmental Studies is an enrichment program unique to Miami Country Day School. Under the direction of Monique Moyer and John Barbick, students JK through 5th grade explore Earth's biodiversity and environmental issues through exciting "hands-on" activities. Our unusual collection of animals includes representatives of many major animal groups, and our gardens and greenhouse provide a living laboratory for our budding "avant-gardeners".

Leonard Abess & students

ACES is an exemplary program fully integrating essential 21st century skills. Our students participate in projects as scientists, researchers, journalists, nutritionists, mathematicians, authors, illustrators, poets, gardeners, teachers, script writers, cooks, and young, socially conscious entrepreneurs. The students are actively involved in local and international projects as they develop skills that will be used throughout their lives.

At the Abess Center, learning science from our daily surroundings is as exciting for the teachers as it is for the children. We have the pleasure of sharing the process of discovery with our students who have unlimited curiosity about the world around them. Our program at the Abess Center for Environmental Studies provides a wealth of interesting things to wonder about and explore. Please feel free to visit when classes are not in session.

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