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At the Heart of 21st Century Learning
Engaging the Whole Educator

Teacher Professional Development Conference Registration

February 1, 2013
Miami country Day School

As educational, community and corporate leaders, we are all responsible to enhance and improve educational opportunities and quality. As we do so, schools improve, students achieve success, communities grow stronger, and businesses succeed. The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores (CLP) believes that schools, universities, and community leaders play a critical role in the development of student leadership skills necessary for personal and social responsibility. Teachers, faculty, parents and communities can make these opportunities happen for our nation’s youth.

On February 1, 2013, the CLP will host an all-day conference designed to share knowledge and resources within our community and create opportunities for interaction among local educators.  The Conference, entitled At the Heart of 21st Century Learning, has been designed to address the needs of the “Whole Educator” and provide an atmosphere where public, independent, parochial, and private school educators can gather together in a common bond and purpose.  The conference will highlight common challenges and emerging trends in K-12 education and will be held at Miami Country Day School. 

Conference Format

Three keynote presentations will be offered, along with breakout sessions delivered by public, private school teachers, university faculty, and local business professionals.  Each session will present critical issues in K-12 education and create opportunities for dialogue and discussion regarding best practices. Interested educators, parents, community, and corporate leaders will be encouraged to attend.

2013 CLP Conference Registration
Registration for the 2013 CLP Conference is not available at this time.