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Miami Country Day School
invites you to join us
as we honor and celebrate
our 75 year history
while looking forward
to the future.
Special programs and activities
are planned throughout the year
to pay tribute to the founders,
alumni, faculty, and families
of Miami Country Day.


Message from the Head of School

When the Miami Country Day School for Boys opened in September of 1938 with nine students, I’m sure its founders, L.B. Sommers and C.W. “Doc” Abele, had no idea they were creating history. Now we find ourselves 75 years later celebrating an important milestone in that history. The American poet, Henry David Thoreau observed, “The meeting of two eternities, the past and precisely the present moment.” As we approach the diamond jubilee, Country Day’s past and future converge in the present in a unique way.

As one of Florida’s oldest independent schools, our school has a rich and storied past for us to ponder. Invariably, we reflect on the fabric of the present and look how far our school has come today. Moreover, anniversaries provide the perfect opportunity for using the lens of the present to peer into the future and imagine what Country Day might be for the next generation of students. We approach our 75th with much energy and enthusiasm. No doubt, if L.B. and Doc were alive today, they would be very proud, and perhaps astonished, at what their creation has become. They set our school on a course that continues to this day.

I want to thank Tamara Feola, who is serving as the coordinator for this entire effort as well as the members of the 75th Anniversary Steering Committee and the Development Office. At the beginning of their task, they had dozens and dozens of great ideas thrust upon them from every corner. This special group of people put great thought and care into the selection and planning of these events as to encourage every member of the Country Day School community, past and present, to join in the festivities.

Please take the time to explore these webpages. They highlight some of these special upcoming events for 2013-2014 beginning with the Birthday Party on August 17. I invite you to join us as we retell Country Day’s history, celebrate the school it has helped us to become, and contemplate what it might become still.


Dr. John Davies
Head of School

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